Jane Hamsher Loses Again!

I have to confess that even though I’m not a fan of Blanche Lincoln and wish she were more liberal, I was happy to see her beat Jane Hamsher and her gang of thugs. And even though Jane is progressive on many of the same issues I am, her tactics and attitude completely turn me off and I won’t personally give her any clicks, unless I’m writing about her and doing research. Here is a blast from the past where Jane started her attack against another democrat and says “I dare Blanche Lincoln to join a filibuster….”

She’s so tough, loves to threaten people who don’t believe the way she does and has no qualms about attacking democrats. Watch the clip and notice the look in her eyes, the revenge, the hatred and the sense that she has soooo much power that you better not cross her. Turns out that even with unions helping her, she couldn’t help pull it out in Arkansas, and I’m sorry, but Jane owns this loss after the above statement on Rachel’s show. Now I said above that I wish Blanche Lincoln were more liberal but over the years I’ve come to the realization that the Democratic Party is a big tent and the reason we are the best political party is because we welcome people of all races, beliefs, sexual orientation and people with diverse views. Now Jane seems to want to exclude people, push away people that don’t pass her purity test, run liberals in areas where a liberal can’t possibly win and weaken the president that has the best chance of passing a progressive agenda since…..well, the Johnson administration. She is a disease within the on the “progressive” movement and needs to be shunned.

I went over to her website, which I won’t link to, and read her excuse/positive spin – lame ass attempt to justify taking all that money from her mindless followers. It was pretty pathetic, which she kind of admits with her update linking to Greg Sargent, who spins the same thing.

The polls were wrong, they all showed Blanche Lincoln losing. Whaaaaaa, I thought polls were always right, that they should dictate public policy because they are always so accurate. Spit!


14 thoughts on “Jane Hamsher Loses Again!

  1. “extreme liberal” prefers corporatist hack. Got it. As if we needed any more proof that liberalism is simply conservatism’s twin sister.

  2. Having issues with my internets, so sorry for posting from my BB.

    What do you mean “the polls were wrong”. Oh no, say it ain’t sooooooo.

  3. Did you actually read the post or just the headline? I would love it if a liberal could get elected in Arkansas, but that just ain’t going to happen now, is it? Would you prefer a Republican win for your principles? Do you like standing on the sideline throwing spit balls at both parties?

    If you read the post, you should maybe try to engage the conversation instead of just throwing worn out Hamsherish slogans around like “corporatist”. My party is a big tent party, we welcome all flavors of liberals, whether they are extreme like me or moderate like Blanch Lincoln. I might not like some of those moderates, in fact I hate them at times, but if either party is to gain power, they have to be a big tent party. It is naive to think that the Democratic party could retain or gain power by taking a hard left. The only reason we currently run the government is because there was an effort over the last ten years to find moderate candidates to run in traditionally Republican areas.

    The reason I called my blog Extreme Liberal was for a reason. I’m not afraid to call myself liberal, I’ve been doing it since I was 10 years old. And I also did it to rub it in Hamsher-like peoples faces by saying that even though I can be liberal, I can also compromise and be realistic about the political environment we live in. The only way we as a party are going to make the world more progressive is through persuasion. Now if you think attacking fellow liberals for compromising helps your cause, your fooling yourself. Jane Hamsher is an opportunistic, petty, self-serving, egotistical, sore loser with an overinflated opinion of herself who doesn’t give a damn about progressive ideas. Look at the smugness in her face when she dares Blanche Lincoln, that is precisely why I was glad Blanche Lincoln won the primary. Not because she is moderate, but because Hamsher lost.

  4. When 75% of the public supports publicly funded healthcare and 60% want to tax the rich to pay for the costs of society I think you’re little rant about taking a “hard” left not being the route to electoral success is complete bullshit. We are forced to compromise because “liberals” and “progressives” are only in it for the money. They speak their platitudes to the public while helping to further enslave them in the death-state that is our country.

    Your petty feud with Hamsher has you rooting for the further selling-out of America by hoping for Blanche’s victory. Nice job.

    Don’t call me a liberal either, I would never want to be associated with that.

  5. It made her put in some of the stiffest reform measures for our financial reform, shut your gaping maw. You’d be shoveling shit for free if it wasn’t for organized labor.

  6. The political environment we live in these days is pretty crazy. Up is down, down is up. The era of vengeful politics, PAC’s like Firedoglakes and Daily Kos and Sarah Palin….everyone get a blog. Then you can do like Jane and threaten politicians, if you don’t vote the way I say on this bill, I will fund an opponent against you. I’m glad this sent a message to these vengeful people that it doesn’t pay to be petty, to attack your own party and to undermine your own goals.

  7. I saw Willie Brown the other night after the election. He made the most perfect point — if you’re going to attack you enemy, why would you announce that you are coming?

    Ya see, folks, that’s what dealing with life from your emotional self gets ya. You can’t think clearly, and you end up shooting yourself in the ass. The firebaggers were determined to make a point to Blanche Lincoln and didn’t use enough strategy and too much anger. Just imagine having a president that couldn’t control his anger. We could be governed by a man consumed with revenge towards whomever didn’t agree with him, and coming up with goofball plans that cut off his nose to spite his face.

  8. @Werk
    Don’t get me wrong I have no love for the blue dogs and I believe Bill Halter even tho he was liberal running in a red state he still has the good ole southern boy charms to win the general election.

    The Problem for Bill Halter was that people within that state probably viewed him as being funded,supported and endorsed by outside groups and we all know how people react when they think outsiders are telling them how to vote, it creates an semi rally around the flag feeling towards the person they’re trying to oust.

    As for the unions I’m glad they’re showing they’re willingly to fight in this election cycle but I sort of agree with the White House, it’s one thing if Bill Halter was running in a blue state or purple state who happens to have Blanche Lincoln as their senator ok mount a primary challenge. But Arkansas a red state where if you say the word liberal it’s almost like calling a black person the N-word or a woman the C-word down there.

    I don’t think it’s selling out we need all the dems we can get and thanks to 40 years of right wingers making liberal a bad word we need Democrats in those states who people view as moderates or slightly conservative.

    As liberals we got to realize that and not play the same crazy game of he’s or she’s not liberal enough for me so I’m not voting because it doesn’t help anyone but the Republicans and screw the rest of us.

    As much I don’t like Blanche Lincoln at least we got a 60/40 chance of her voting for whatever Obama wants at the end of the day than having a Republican who’s hell bent on stopping anything President Obama wants to do.

  9. But Johnny, the point is not to make sure we “free” Obama. I discuss this in my own blog (because everyone has one) but that Obama wants senators like Lincoln, Nelson, and Lieberman. They allow him to champion noble goals like publicly funded healthcare, LGBT equality, true immigration reform while they work as his “satellite saboteurs” and work to undermine or water-down those very causes. Remember that the White-House only went after people who fought for the single-payer or the public-option like Sanders. Rahm called liberals “fucking retarded”. I know it’s hard but you have to come to grips that Obama doesn’t actually want the things he champions.

    Lieberman (Obama’s guide when he was a senator) walks in with a pair of scissors and pops the balloon of public-healthcare after endorsing McCain and attacking Obama at every chance yet doesn’t lose party affiliation, chairmanships but gets complimented by Obama. Obama knows the public overwhelmingly supports public healthcare, but let’s face it, there are deeper pockets to satisfy (All the health insurance companies who now have freedom to donate as much as they like in elections) so he can make his wonderful speeches about how he “supports” one popular cause after another but his actions tell a completely different story. Even his own goddamn version of the health bill lacked a meager public option.

    This is why I attack “Extreme” Liberal and liberalism in general. It is not the ideology of progress but rather where progress is stifled.

  10. I still don’t believe in this game of well he or she’s not liberal enough so I’m taking my ball and running home look what happen back in 2000 when some liberal played that game with Al Gore, remember what happen? We got stuck with George W.Bush.

    Now I’m not saying we need to vote for whomever has a D after his or hers name but we got to realize we need Democrats that can win elections in states that lean to the right. I agree with primary challenge Blanche Lincoln but I think labor and other groups pressed too hard and they made Bill Halter look like a puppet of outside groups.

    We if we’re going to shape the Democratic party the way we want we got to put the same amount of years and positive energy as the right wing had did with the Republicans. Getting pissed off and handing the Republicans back power is beyond stupid because President Obama isn’t breaking his neck to get to each pet issue progressive have.

    I’ll tell ya you gotta better chance under this guy to get whatever your issue address than having President Mittens Romeny and majority of congress made up of corporate Republicans and their retarded tea bag Republican cousins.

    Sometimes I wished the pundits on our side shut up for once, because I doubt President Cenk Uygur or President Jane Hamsher would have fair better if they dealt with the people Obama had to deal with in the senate.

    Now if you want to change the way Obama governs we gotta to make sure there alot more Democrats with our mindset in the senate so when a Lieberman or Lincoln pops off and threatens a filibuster it won’t mean anything.

  11. Johnny C,
    It’s not about being liberal. I don’t like liberalism, I don’t see what it offers besides a more human face on what is being offered by Republicans. Liberalism is only the slower path to police state. So when you talk about someone being “liberal” enough, it doesn’t mean anything to me. How about something else… emancipatory? People empowering, freedom actualizing, and humane politics is what I’m interested.

    Your gripe about Gore and Bush also doesn’t really ring true to me because Gore ran his entire campaign by running to the right, not spelling-out his positions, and voter apathy. You can say all you want about Nader but Gore did win the election. He still got the most votes and should have become president, voters for Nader didn’t do anything to spoil that. Your anger is being directed at the left when you should be angry at our anti-democratic system. That there is an electoral-college and a supreme court that can override the choice of people shows that your votes don’t matter – and people realized that. Voter turnout was at historic lows, with studies showing that large portions of people couldn’t specify the differences between the candidates or even know there was an election taking place! They know their vote wont do anything and so they don’t vote.

    Don’t waste your otherwise valuable time with the Democratic Party, for it is still a party for the moneyed classes, the corporations, and those who would stifle your freedom. Just like the Republicans. The way to make progress real is outside of electoral politics for the time that our electoral politics is not democratic.

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