The Media Gets Taken Out By Rachel Maddow – That’s Great TV!

Oh this is good, Rachel is doing excellent work these days. You HAVE to watch this if you haven’t already. It’s priceless.


Jane Hamsher Loses Again!

I have to confess that even though I’m not a fan of Blanche Lincoln and wish she were more liberal, I was happy to see her beat Jane Hamsher and her gang of thugs. And even though Jane is progressive on many of the same issues I am, her tactics and attitude completely turn me off and I won’t personally give her any clicks, unless I’m writing about her and doing research. Here is a blast from the past where Jane started her attack against another democrat and says “I dare Blanche Lincoln to join a filibuster….”

She’s so tough, loves to threaten people who don’t believe the way she does and has no qualms about attacking democrats. Watch the clip and notice the look in her eyes, the revenge, the hatred and the sense that she has soooo much power that you better not cross her. Turns out that even with unions helping her, she couldn’t help pull it out in Arkansas, and I’m sorry, but Jane owns this loss after the above statement on Rachel’s show. Now I said above that I wish Blanche Lincoln were more liberal but over the years I’ve come to the realization that the Democratic Party is a big tent and the reason we are the best political party is because we welcome people of all races, beliefs, sexual orientation and people with diverse views. Now Jane seems to want to exclude people, push away people that don’t pass her purity test, run liberals in areas where a liberal can’t possibly win and weaken the president that has the best chance of passing a progressive agenda since…..well, the Johnson administration. She is a disease within the on the “progressive” movement and needs to be shunned.

I went over to her website, which I won’t link to, and read her excuse/positive spin – lame ass attempt to justify taking all that money from her mindless followers. It was pretty pathetic, which she kind of admits with her update linking to Greg Sargent, who spins the same thing.

The polls were wrong, they all showed Blanche Lincoln losing. Whaaaaaa, I thought polls were always right, that they should dictate public policy because they are always so accurate. Spit!