Arianna Takes On “The Lizard” Cheney!

I’ve been critical of Arianna Huffington on many occasions, especially during the health care debate but beyond that too. In this clip she is wonderful. She tells it like it is as far as who is responsible for gutting the regulations that led to the gulf mess. Liz Cheney jumps to her father and W.’s defense, no surprise there, and Arianna holds her own with “the Lizard” (thanks Kay) who likes to talk over people when they start criticizing her father. She’s a loyal daughter, that’s for sure. I want to point out that I predicted that Liz Cheney would be making the rounds, it may have been in a comment on Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog though. Here is the clip from ABC’s This Week…

Of course the idiot media is all about politics, so they really don’t want to blame anyone that isn’t running for office, you know the ones who actually did or didn’t do the things that led to the big freakin mess down in the gulf, they have to make a political story out of it.

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2 thoughts on “Arianna Takes On “The Lizard” Cheney!

  1. A contributing factor to this blow out and not being able to cap it is the depth. Heaven forbid we allow drilling in shallow water where it would be easier to plug the hole. The environmentalists would be offended if drilling would be allowed at a reasonable depth.

    This is a situation where everyone is to blame because of our dependence on SUV’s for one, politicians who take money from companies they have influence over, the oil companies for not having the safeguards, government bureaucrats who are suppose to oversee safeguards and God for providing oil.

    But it is much easier to just blame Bush, more political currency in that. Some day the leftists will have to take some responsibility for what is going on. The democrats have had the majority for almost four years and have done nothing but spend money and blame Bush.

  2. Well sure, there is plenty of blame to go around but specifically it was the MMS and regulators under Bush that directly led to this problem. The whole system is screwed but the Meth heads at the MMS were doing things other than there jobs.

    As far as the democratic majority you’ve thrown out several times. I wonder, in your world does the President sign bills passed by congress? Did the democrats have a filibuster proof majority during those 4 years? Saying the democrats were in control during even the last two years of Bushco, is just flat out lying. Bush was still very much in charge of the agenda, and in case you didn’t know, the president sets the agenda and signs the bills and we all know how accomadating he was to the democrats.

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