What I Would Love To Hear President Obama Say!

The other morning on “Morning Assholes Who Talk Shit”, I heard the spin artist Joe Scarborough get his panties all in a bunch because the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson cancelled her appearance at a democratic fundraiser just one day before it happened. I’ve also heard the media criticize President Obama for playing golf or going to Chicago for Memorial Day. How can they go on with anything in their lives while the oil is still leaking? I wonder if all these critics are stopping everything in their lives while this is going on. Should the whole world just stop until the oil leak is plugged up? Is this similar to John McCain suspending his campaign during the election?

I can just hear President Obama say…

I am suspending my administration until the oil leak is stopped. I will give endless speeches trying to console the media who can’t seem to take their eyes off that little video feed at the bottom of their TV. I will pound my fist on the table for James Carville. I will swear at BP for Keith Olbermann and I will not try to figure out how this might have happened, that would be blaming Bush and we can’t have that now, can we? I will make appearances on every morning news show, except Morning Joe, I’m sorry but they are just idiots. I will be available for the local noon news and cry on queue, maybe Glenn Beck can give me some pointers. I will sit down with Oprah and talk about my feelings, maybe I’ll jump up and down on her couch, she seems to like that. I now admit that I don’t like getting calls at 3 am and I’ve asked Hillary to answer them from now on, it’s usually Vladimir Putin after a half gallon of vodka anyway. But most of all, I will not do a damn thing else for this country until that spill is stopped and every last drop of oil is cleaned up from the gulf, you go create some fucking jobs, you deal with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, you go clean up the two fucking messes that Bush/Cheney propagated on me in the middle east but didn’t pay for and then stuck me with the bill. You try to pass a climate change bill or repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (and I’m talking to you Greenwald and Aravosis) and you try to roll back all the Bush/Cheney infringement on our basic human rights. I’m getting in a submarine and going down to fix that motherfucking leak.”


Arianna Takes On “The Lizard” Cheney!

I’ve been critical of Arianna Huffington on many occasions, especially during the health care debate but beyond that too. In this clip she is wonderful. She tells it like it is as far as who is responsible for gutting the regulations that led to the gulf mess. Liz Cheney jumps to her father and W.’s defense, no surprise there, and Arianna holds her own with “the Lizard” (thanks Kay) who likes to talk over people when they start criticizing her father. She’s a loyal daughter, that’s for sure. I want to point out that I predicted that Liz Cheney would be making the rounds, it may have been in a comment on Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog though. Here is the clip from ABC’s This Week…

Of course the idiot media is all about politics, so they really don’t want to blame anyone that isn’t running for office, you know the ones who actually did or didn’t do the things that led to the big freakin mess down in the gulf, they have to make a political story out of it.