Bill Maher Nails It – Again!

I don’t always agree with Bill Maher, but that’s a good thing in my mind. When people start thinking in “lock-step”, then we are in a dangerous place. I haven’t listened to the entire podcast of Bill’s show, which is how I get it… HBO for this poor sucker. Crooks and Liars has a clip of it and below you can find some of the transcript. I’d like to hang with Bill Maher, I like how he calls bullshit what it is. One of his “New Rules” from his last show is priceless.

New Rule: Al Gore Must Call His Sequel An Inconvenient Truth 2: What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People?

Bill has a column over at Huffington Post that you can read here. One of my favorite lines from it is below, he is responding to Global Warming deniers. (emphasis mine)

That’s the problem with our obsession with always seeing two sides of every issue equally — especially when one side has a lot of money. It means we have to pretend there are always two truths, and the side that doesn’t know anything has something to say. On this side of the debate: Every scientist in the world. On the other: Mr. Potato Head.

There is no debate here — just scientists vs. non-scientists, and since the topic is science, the non-scientists don’t get a vote. We shouldn’t decide everything by polling the masses. Just because most people believe something doesn’t make it true. This is the fallacy called argumentum ad numeram: the idea that something is true because great numbers believe it. As in: Eat shit, 20 trillion flies can’t be wrong.

You loyal readers know how I’ve been bitching about polling every damn thing that moves, the lazy journalism method, but it’s more than that. It’s crossing over into the realm of upending long established principles that this country was founded on. See Arizona and the “show us your papers” law if you need an example. The media is pushing the polls that show the “majority” of Americans agree with it, the constitution be damned. The media is trying to exert control over the agenda by commissioning polls with leading questions, poorly ordered questions and nonsense topics like the freakin bad call at the Detroit Tigers game last week.

I watched some of Morning Joke this morning and was treated to a constant drumming of the meme that the president hasn’t showed he cares enough about the oil spill, and Scarborough was trying his hardest to morph it into a leadership issue. Leadership is much different than stagecraft….photo ops….empathy….and fake outrage. I love the fact that my president is a serious, get things done president instead of someone standing in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner. I want him working, not acting. I want him solving problems, not flying around the country to the latest natural or man-made disaster. I know if he were that type of president, the media would be pounding him for being all about symbolism and appearances.

Morning Joke clearly has an agenda to damage the president, why else would they devote their entire show for weeks to beating that drum? It’s not like there were a couple of terrorists captured this weekend or anything else that happened in the world. And Joe and Mika (President of Joe’s fan club and lap dog) keep exaggerating and mischaracterizing what people actually have said. This morning he painted a picture that said that every democrat that’s been on in the last couple of weeks thinks the president is doing a poor job at “managing” this crisis. Which is complete horseshit. I watch almost every morning and it isn’t true. Sure, people have said he should have been “more out front” on the issue or could have tweaked his public performance, but they have all said he is doing everything he can. This morning James Cameron said that exact thing, which Joe glossed over…he hears what he wants and talks over those who he doesn’t want to be heard. Anthony Weiner had that pulled on him this morning too.


13 thoughts on “Bill Maher Nails It – Again!

  1. I was watching this morning too, and I also called bullshit on that line about all of the Democrats that have come on the show have been critical of Obama.

    My other thought was that the very same people that bitched about folks that wanted to have a beer with Bush so they elected him, are the ones yelling for Obama to show his anger so they can feeeeeel like he’s being a leader. What a crock! I don’t want a president to give me the warm fuzzies; I want a president that gets the job done. One of the reasons I voted for Obama is because he doesn’t seem to get caught up in the bullshit. I think the biggest problem with our society, and especially the media, is that we thrive on the topical shit. It’s becoming more and more acceptable for people to lie to us, or pretend to be someone they aren’t if the end result is that we can feel better about what is said. How do you suppose Sarah Palin got so popular? Sheesh!

  2. It would be nice if Obama would lead instead of waiting for things to sort themselves out before he takes a stand. He is the same person who, as a congressman, voted present so much of the time because he didn’t want to take a position. As Joe Biden said, the office of the President is not suitable for on the job training.

    He is showing his total lack of leadership with almost every action he takes. The healthcare bill, didn’t read it and was really not concerned with what it said, just that it gets passed. He waits to see what shakes out with the oil mess and only acted when his boss told him to and Emanuel waited to long to give the order.

    Anyone who is surprised by his actions shouldn’t be. A community organizer with no other experience is elected as President and people expect him to lead, it won’t happen and those that voted for him have to suck it up and admit they were wrong, something that will be hard to do because they are admitting they made a mistake.

    From all reports he does throw a great party and he is getting a lot of experience at that.

  3. If you’re going to engage, Atlanta Ralph, at the very least come armed with facts. I happen to live in Illinois and Obama was my senator. That whole voting present thing amounted to about 129 votes out of about 4000 opportunities to vote. Secondly, in Illinois, if a legislator determines that he or she needs more information on the issue being voted on, it’s perfectly acceptable in our state house to vote present. This action doesn’t bar that legislator from making a future vote if the issue resurfaces with desired addendum or amendment.

    But, tell me AR, what particular form of leadership do you want to see? Please be specific and don’t come back with ‘he’s not showing his anger’ or no bullshit like that. That is a cop-out. Be clear on which actions should be taken that are not being done and use facts instead of crappy ass talking points.

    On the healthcare bill, you should check out Jonathan Alter’s perspective on Obama getting this done. If not for Obama, that bill would have died a death long ago and gone the same route as Clinton’s attempt at fixing healthcare.

  4. He pushed the healthcare bill through no caring what was in it. It is only now that we find the leftists lied about the cost, I’m shocked, lied about coverage, again shocked, lied about rates not going up, shocked. I could even find better coverage for 1.3 trillion to cover 13 million people.

    He is trying to lead from the rear but seems like everyone has enjoyed the WH parties.

    I knew you would have a hard time admitting you were wrong to vote in someone with no experience and marginal character, chin up you’ll get to the point even if it is in private.

  5. Yea, well, if you want to try to dump the whole “America is dependent on oil” problem on Obama, good luck with that. If you think we should just stop drilling oil wells and go cold turkey on oil and gas, can I hitch a ride with you in your electric car?

  6. Ha, you’ll defend this ass’ every action! He wants to deepen (no pun intended!) our dependence and you still wont budge?

    for your information I don’t own a car, or drive.

  7. He wants to deepen our dependence on oil, that’s what you take away from everything he has said and done as far as renewable energy? Really? Environmentalists and clean energy folks think he has done more in his administration than all other president’s combined. You seem to be the one with an irrational hatred for the man, what is the source of that. Truly? Are you a liberal who thinks he’s too centrist, a republican who thinks he’s too socialist or are you one of those people that just bitch about everything any president does?

  8. You are so right, Staci, that the media can’t seem to handle the fact that Obama doesn’t give a shit about the photo ops and the symbolism. Of course as soon as he does something like that, they would accuse him of staging the photo op, which is how photo ops are born. The media has no basis in truth anymore, they are simply about ratings and whatever it takes, screaming, yelling, a chalkboard, a little camera feed at the bottom of the screen showing oil gushing 24/7…whatever it takes to get more viewers.

  9. You go, Staci, nice takedown of Ralph. That whole “leadership” talking point is making the rounds with Republicans. Joe Scarborough has been pushing it with his idiot sidekick, Mika. He, in particular, is trying to associate the lack symbolism with leadership. I guess when you see Rudy Giuliani as a leader, running around New York like a chicken with his head cut off because he put the disaster command center in the World Trade Center, the biggest target for terrorists…well, if you see that moron as a leader, I guess you wouldn’t know a leader from a whole in the ground.

  10. The health care bill will go down in history as an incredible achievement. If you drank the Republican Kool-aid of death panels, rationed care, socialized medicine, all those scary Frank Luntz words, well then I guess you would have some mixed up thoughts. Or if you really don’t give a shit about people who are sick and can’t get coverage, or kids who don’t have insurance and can’t get it because of a pre-existing condition, or if you don’t really care about the donut hole in the prescription drug benefit, well then I guess you would have your opinion, wouldn’t you.

  11. Just because he has done more than his preprocessors doesn’t mean he has done anything close to enough. He has only helped in lining the pockets of money-hungry oil executives and laughs as you cheer his pittance to clean energy.

    Has it occurred to you that liberals are the centrists?

    How can you call yourself “extreme” in any sense and cheer the actions of yet another conservative president (but who happens not to be an idiot like the previous one)? He is so entrenched in the status quo that any “change” he’ll be responsible for is the further eroding of our rights and wallets.

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