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Getting Ahead of the Story

I’ve heard Chuck Todd on MSNBC use the saying “they have to get ahead of the story” in reference to the oil spill in the Gulf, but he says it about everything. That expression bothers the hell out of me because it turns everything into just a freakin story. It goes along with the whole symbolism crap that everyone, including democrats, are clamoring for. President Obama is heading down there again but how much do you want to bet that same freaking media is going to accuse him of bowing to pressure (from them) to show he cares. Isn’t that convenient for them, manufacture a meme and then exploit it. Pretty slick.

Politics Is Politics People!

This whole political game the Republitards are pushing about the Sestak and Romanoff job offers from the White House is so disingenuous and once again, hypocritical, but that is a daily occurence for politicians, especially on the right. But there is certainly plenty of it on the left too, it doesn’t make it a good thing just because both are doing it either. The media is just asleep on the job these days and lets everything go out on the air unchallenged. Crooks and Liars has this clip posted which I recommend you go watch right now, here is a piece of the exchange

Sloan told CNN’s John Roberts that these types of offers happen all of the time.

SLOAN: There is really nothing improper in that. One of the things that is so odd about this story and the Sestak story is that people are surprised that the political appointments are given out for political reasons. Well that’s how these jobs are given out in any administration going back to the beginning of administrations. Politicians get political appointments. Romanoff had apparently applied for a job through the transition office and Messina then called him to check in and see if he wanted those jobs. Obviously, Messina was doing it to try and keep Romanoff out of the primary. Although it was before he had announced that he was definitely running. But Romanoff declined and said he wasn’t interested and wanted the Senate seat.

Republicans are just using the job discussions to attack the administration for political gain, according to Sloan.

ROBERTS: You are suggesting that there is nothing illegal about this. Republicans are taking a bit of a different attitude toward it. They have asked the Department of Justice to investigate the Sestak case. Now that this has Romanoff case has come out, do you think they are going to call for a full-blown investigation, maybe not just the DOJ but congressionally as well?

SLOAN: Absolutely. That’s 100 percent certainly. This is a great issue for them to jump on, part of the reason is the Obama White House has said it was going to behave differently than other White Houses, more transparent, more ethical than everyone else. And this shows they were horse trading, just like everyone else. It is a great issue for the Republicans that want to dirty up the administration.

Give it up Republicans, the only people you are appealing to are the politically naive, the people who are new to paying attention to politics. You already have the teabaggers.

UPDATE: From a reader at TPM, I love it….

Granted the administration has been ham-handed in how it has handled some of this stuff, but isn’t it ironic that a DC press corps that could barely muster a collective yawn when Karl Rove was moving U.S. Attorneys around like political pawns, is hyperventilating about the White House making it known to potential candidates that there are other ways to serve beyond being a Senator?