The Lieberman Shuffle!

I just have to share this story. Do you remember the Democrat that got a bunch of headlines when he switched from the Democratic Party to the Republic Party…Rep. Parker Griffith (R-AL), after disagreeing with the democrats on spending and the health care bill? Well, funny thing, he lost the Republican primary and is now just an average citizen. I hope this and Arlen Specter’s loss will stop politicians from abandoning their principles just to get re-elected, you know the “Lieberman Shuffle”. From TPM…

Although Griffith was welcomed with open arms into the Republican caucus, his Republican opponents did not back out — Brooks and Phillip had already been running to take on the Democrat Griffith. And Republican primary voters have agreed with their decision. Brooks, who had the endorsement of local Tea Party activists and Griffith’s 2008 opponent, Wayne Parker, was able to dislodge the incumbent pretty easily.


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