Give It Back Big Oil – President Obama Proposes Rolling Back Tax Breaks to Big Oil

Hell ya. Stick it to those bastards. Dick Cheney is probably hyperventilating and dreaming up his next attack, through his daughter. This story is from Raw Story, here is a piece of it.

President Barack Obama says it’s time to roll back “billions of dollars in tax breaks” for oil companies and use the money for clean energy research and development.Obama made the comments Wednesday in prepared remarks for a speech at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

He said the catastrophic Gulf oil spill shows the country must move toward clean energy by embracing energy efficiency, tapping natural gas and nuclear power and eliminating tax breaks for big oil.

Obama said that the Gulf spill “may prove to be a result of human error – or corporations taking dangerous shortcuts that compromised safety” – but that deepwater drilling is inherently risky and America cannot rely solely on fossil fuels.

He also vowed to make a new bid to push energy legislation through Congress, saying the US oil “catastrophe” showed America could no longer be hostage to fossil fuels.

Oh the heads are spinning at Faux News, they will try to ramp up their call for impeachment because of the Sestak thing, fine, spin your wheels you idiot Republicans. I hope you all obsess over this non-story and until the election, us Democrats will offer solutions while you all play your little games. A word of advice, you already have the nuts on your side, maybe you should try to attract the “non-nuts” in the country, I’m just saying.


13 thoughts on “Give It Back Big Oil – President Obama Proposes Rolling Back Tax Breaks to Big Oil

  1. Jim,

    What solutions have the democrats offered and to what issue. Is it tax the productive, sacrifice quality healthcare to 85% so the 15% can have “free” healthcare or come up with a solution to the oil spill.

    Maybe all politicians should return the campaign money all of the oil companies donated.

  2. Jim: Completely off topic, but looking forward to your response.

    An idea for a post – refuting the comparison of Obama/BP to Katrina and making an argument for the Obama administration’s response to the BP spill vs the response of Bush I and his folks during the Exxon Valdez disaster? That would be apples to apples. The Rude Pundit touched on it and had a fantastic piece, but I think you get a different audience.

    What do ya think?

  3. It’s just not Sestak. Here in Colorado we are having the same situation with Andrew Romanoff and Michael Bennet. Romanoff was also offered a job in exchange that he wouldn’t run against Michael Bennet. Last week Romanoff admitted that he was approached by the White House, but now he realized that he has already said too much so now Romanoff and his office are refusing to say anything about it.
    If this was taking place with any other party you know, that you would be against it. And it now classifies you as a hypocrite.
    This is a way for any administration to narrow the voting options for the public, and it is illegal, and it doesn’t matter who is doing it.


  4. I started to read Rude’s post today but got interrupted. I’m behind on my Rudeness reading, been busy. I will go take another look at it and see if it inspires me. :) If you have any great info for me Staci, do share. Email me at if you have any links I should look at.

    I do have a lot of work to do in the next few days in preparation for a very important meeting….scary meeting, I’m almost a big fucking deal…Biden reference. :)

  5. Hell ya, tax the productive, you gonna tax the unproductive? Deal with it, we need government as the oil spill, financial meltdown, wars, mine explosions, floods, hurricanes, volcano ash floating around – all prove. Everybody demands that the government come to rescue when something happens to them. Well it ain’t free, brother.

    On health care, it’s about time our country started taking care of all of its citizens health, almost every other civilized country does, if America is so great, why can’t it take care of its own citizens. Maybe it’s because they aren’t all white. If they were all white, I bet even Republicans would support health care.

    And it’s kind of ironic that you want the democrats to come up with a solution to the oil spill, but if you look at the second sentence in you paragraph, you don’t want not stinking taxes. Typical Republican mentality, even though I know you aren’t one. :)

  6. Thoth,
    I don’t have some unrealistic vision about how Washington politics works, that sort of stuff (Sestak) has been going on for years, decades, centuries if you look back far enough. I’m not so sure the Republicans want to trot out that horse for too long, there have already been stories dug up about Republicans doing the exact same thing. Reagan did it.

    I also don’t get all righteously indignant when there are backroom deals either, that’s the way it works, for better or worse. And once again, it’s been that way since the founding of our country. Shit, they used to do some crazy shit back in the 1800’s….which is where all you Republicans would love to go back to.

    I’m not a hypocrite, at least not on this topic. I really wouldn’t think anything of it – if it were a Republican. Like I said, I know all sorts of that shit goes on behind the scenes in politics…and really, the Sestak thing is probably pretty tame compared to the other stuff that’s going on. It’s not really any different than party bosses picking candidates to fill vacancies, or to actually run for an open seat. That’s the way it works.

    I really am starting to worry about the Republicans, they seem to be chasing their tales, following people like Rand Paul and Sarah Palin and Rush (the oil spill is no big deal) Limbaugh and Darrel Issa and other nutballs. Geez, we used to have an adult party to run against, now we have a bunch of half wits running the show over at the RNC….I didn’t even mention Michael Steele.

  7. Most of the no-liability tax payers favor increasing taxes on the “rich”. After all, if you won’t be affected why not have someone else pay. The problem is most of the “rich” taxpayers pay an inordinately high rate of taxes as it is and. The higher taxpayer get no more than the zero tax payer.

    The government is talking about spending over a trillion dollars to cover 15 million people who don’t have healthcare, even for a leftist that seems like a lot of money. The remaining population will see their premiums increase and their service degrade, seem fair to you?

    I cannot fault BHO for the oil spill because he had nothing to do with it just as GWB had nothing to do with Katrina. The way both of these situations have been handled by the federalists shows how well they will manage our healthcare needs.

    The reason I do not consider myself a Republican is because they are far to liberal.

  8. Really Ralph, Check out this chart which shows the top marginal tax rate for “rich” people. ( So saying the “rich already pay an inordinately high rate of taxes”…it’s all relative, right.

    You also didn’t address everything that people expect the government to do, but they don’t want to have to pay higher taxes for it. Isn’t that having your cake and eating it too? I guess I am unique in that my mother and step father were wealthy liberals, they didn’t mind paying there fair share and they donated a lot of money to charities, hell they funded the local mission for about 20 years. So I come from a family that cares about people and is generous, not like most rich people who are infected with the greed disease.

    Our American culture used to be more generous, we took care of our fellow man..neighbors, family, friends. We were a pretty decent, caring country until the Reagan revolution made being greedy the in thing. Supply side economics was a fucking excuse to make the rich richer. Wish I could rant more….work, work, work.

  9. I like 1913-1915 the best but can’t hope for that to appear again. The “rich” pay 35% and the Non-rich pay 22% and then there are the 49% who pay nothing. What would you consider a fair percentage for the “rich” to pay. The “rich” receive the same benefits from the federalists as the non-rich but pay a lot more.

    Why not support the Fair Tax since it is revenue neutral and has the liberals favorite word in it “Fair”.

  10. I think we should tax everyone just enough to pay for everything that the federal government is expected to do. No more deficit spending. Pay for it.

    It’s not paying in and getting back out. Do you see paying taxes as buying something? We live in a civilized society, with laws, law enforcement…all sorts of laws that regulate society and keep it in check. There is also a social safety net for people that can’t seem to fend for themselves for whatever reason, it benefits society to have it, it keeps people from getting desperate, resorting to crime. So what I’m getting at is that our society has gotten much more complex and larger, more people in the same space, fighting for the same resources.

    That 49% who pay nothing figure is being misused (deductions make up a lot of that number). But even if it is completely accurate, people who don’t make a lot of money, don’t pay a lot of taxes. How can they pay taxes if they have no income? Do you look down on that “49% who pay nothing”… think they are just slackers, every one of them. What a really heartless way to think about people who may have just had the misfortune to be born to an asshole parent, or in a bad neighborhood and no opportunity to get out or in an economy where there are no jobs because of a multi-trillion dollar giveaway to the richest 2% in the country.

  11. So Jim, you’re saying that rich people are greedy right wingers, EXCEPT for your parents.
    And as a nation we are still the most giving and generous people. Blaming it all on one single administration is completely and utterly idiotic.

    It sounds like you’re infected with the I deserve what the others have disease.

  12. My parents certainly weren’t the only generous people, to be clear, my parents weren’t right wingers. I missed where I blamed one administration, I think it all began back in 1980 when Ronald Reagan came on the scene. It has been continued since then, it’s kind of his legacy…everyman for himself, screw the poor, the indigent, survival of the fittest. It was the opposite spirit than John F. Kennedy started to realize before he was taken out. If we were a generous, caring nation, getting everybody health care wouldn’t be such difficult task. It’s the perfect example of it. People who have health insurance don’t give a shit about people who don’t.

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