Put Up or Shut Up!

Al Giordano has another excellent piece up that I recommend you read. I plan to post about the oil spill and the “yelling” that is surrounding it soon, stay tuned. But for now, here is a snippet from Al’s latest on the catastrophe in the gulf.

I don’t know how to cap the big oil leak in the Gulf and truth is neither do you. And even if it is capped in five minutes from now, the damage is already done.

That said, as a longtime vocal opponent of off shore oil drilling, and proponent of renewable energy, I wish to publicly disassociate myself from all the newly concerned voices screaming at the top of their lungs that the government must “do something” if they don’t come with concrete suggestions for what exactly can be done. They do not represent me and please don’t ever confuse me with them, okay?

Without an easy solution in sight, and with the knowledge sinking in of just how harmful this oil gusher will be to the Gulf of Mexico, its shores, its fishing and tourism and quality of life, a lot of people seem to be screaming that somebody should yell louder and point their fingers harder.

Okay, just this once, I will point fingers. You know who is to blame in addition to BP and the government that allowed this oil rig to be built? Every single one of us that ever drove a car, got in an airplane, or drank from a plastic bottle (they’re made from petroleum, too). The heavier our “carbon footprints” the greater each of us is to blame. Go yell at yourself now.

Yell at yourself especially if you live in the United States, because you use up twenty times the earth’s resources as people in other countries. You are, therefore, twenty times greater to blame for this civilization’s addiction to oil that created the market for which BP and others went drilling in the seas.

Go read the whole thing, it helped me to dispel some anger.


5 thoughts on “Put Up or Shut Up!

  1. You and Al are right! How cruel of us to be so upset with the destructive, greedy, poisonous, policies of our corporate-run society as to even think of raising our voices! Heavens, what kind of low pieces of shit would think they have the right to protest the actions of our god-leaders?

    Those people who drive cars… fuck them, I say. How dare they not invent new forms of clean-air technology transportation to get to their low-paying jobs where they can barely makes ends meet and have ever-lowering expectations of what “success” really means.

    Those people who drink from water bottles when their local water supply is too polluted to safely drink thanks to hard-working oil companies and mountain-top removal projects. They should drink their dirt-water and smile!

    It makes me so FUCKIGN ANGRY WHEN PEOPLE WANT TO PROTEST THE ACTIONS OF THOSE WHO HAVE PLACED THEMSELVES INTO POWER! “Do something?”, how about these thieving proletariat masses go choke on the gulf-water and die, I say.

    I know I have no right to ask that my leaders “do something”, after all they have money to take and elections to win.

  2. Nice rant quando….thanks for agreeing with Al and I, we need all the support we can get. Oh, you were being sarcastic, oops.

    I didn’t say I agreed with all of Al’s rant, but the tone of it was cathartic to me.

    On the rest of the rant, it’s a little hard to respond to sarcasm like that, because you don’t really come out and say what you think, you just ridicule what other say so it’s not clear exactly what you think is the solution or do you have one?

    My thoughts on the spill and specifically the want of people to blame someone are in a later post, check it out if you want to rant against me. Like I said, I didn’t say I agreed with everything Al said so I don’t feel like I have to defend his rant.

    I guess blaming the company who actually did it isn’t enough, there has to be a politician who pays a price, right, regardless if that politician actually did anything to deserve it. And the folks who want symbolism, a shoulder to cry on, someone to lash out at….really, take a deep breath, take a xanax or a valium, grab some Dawn detergent and start cleaning.

  3. I could point to Obama planning an expansion of offshore drilling or quotes of obama claiming that they dont leak anymore but that should be pretty easy for you to look up. that companies are allowed, no, encouraged to rape our land is exactly a politician’s fault. if they were so busy choking on money and actually cared about you or your family there wouldn’t be offshore drilling platforms.

    his false claims of banning offshore drilling for the time period he has implemented them is a joke against liberals dumb enough to believe him. There were never any plans for new drilling platforms for those times anyway but he gets to act tough doesn’t he? Maybe he’ll fist-bump another person reduced to emptying his trash so you can rub another one out.

    also, “I didn’t say I agreed with all [of it]” is the new “denounce AND reject”.

  4. It’s funny how you can conveniently say you don’t “agree with all” of the post you linked to while what you claim not to agree with is the central point of the article.

  5. Good stuff quando, it reveals so much about you.

    “Maybe he’ll fist-bump another person reduced to emptying his trash so you can rub another one out.”

    So that guy in the photo was “reduced” to taking out his trash? Are you so high and mighty that you look down on a janitor? You are about to unleash a rant from me, but it’s friday night and I have a lot of work to do. I feel sorry for people that look down on working class people. The same type of people who are racists, I’m just saying. That whole superiority thing.

    His main point was about the yelling, which is what I enjoyed about it. I also respect his lifestyle and how he lives and is true to his beliefs…if he is. But I drive a car, and use all sorts of petrol based products. I do agree with him that we are all to blame for not heeding the calls back in 1976-1977, I remember it even though I was only 15 at the time. America didn’t do the things to get us off foreign oil or even to lessen it.

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