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  1. We have a president that is real, I love it. I’ve had some trolls accuse me of furthering the “cult of personality” of Obama. Now if you look up “cult of personality” on wikipedia, it includes “mass media” as one variable. Uh, I’m not exactly mass media here at Extreme Liberal’s Blog, so I don’t really think that part of the definition fits.

    Furthermore, I don’t agree with President Obama on everything, I didn’t agree with his off-shore drilling, I’m not a big fan of increasing troops in Afghanistan and I think he should stop dealing with the lying, cheating, philandering, hateful, evil, moronic, racist, Republican Party. He should smack them down much more than he does. There are many other minor issues that I disagree with him on…but I support his major goals, his style of governing…like actually nominating experts in their field for important jobs, unlike Bush who made political appointments to positions that never were political. Like trying to return our country to respecting individual rights, like not wiretapping or detaining people indefinitely. Shit, the list is quite long of policies I agree with him on. I read both of his books and agree with him on a lot of things, but I’m not some mindless drone who just likes the way he talks or looks or whatever.

    Also, when I vote for a candidate I vote for their judgment, I don’t expect them to clear everything with me before proceeding. I also support my candidate once they are elected and do my part to help them implement their policies, that isn’t unusual, it should be the norm. These days, the public is so fickle that it doesn’t seem to be the norm anymore. People turn on each other in a heartbeat, often for no good reason. Example, Scott Brown and the Tea Party….oh man, they dropped him like a hot potato(e) after voting for financial reform.

    End rant….

  2. Love our president!!!! He’ll grab a mop to help and will take time out of his busy day to do a progressive fist bump to the people who do the hard work everyday.

  3. Obama still indefinetly holds people, issues deaths warrants for Americans overseas, wiretaps us,he fought against single-payer and public options, expanded wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan, gave insurance companies millions of mandated cusomters, is letting millions of gallons of oil spill into our waters while sitting on his thumbs, endorses people like Arlen Specter, is against EFCA.

    Liberalism is such a joke.

  4. I’ll concede that he is still defending the executive branch’s right to wiretap without warrant, I don’t like that idea but I’m certainly less worried about how they will use that info than I was with Cheney/Bush, but I still don’t like it.

    As far as holding people indefinitely, that is something the Obama administration is trying to clean up…another mess left by the Bush people that doesn’t have an easy solution. But he waded into it and Guantanimo will be closed, it’s just taking time, especially with all the resistance he is getting from everywhere.

    He issued one death warrant for a former American citizen who is plotting terrorist plots in America. Do you support the terrorist in this one?

    He DID NOT fight against single-payer and public options, he was pragmatic and knew that he wasn’t going to get either and in fact wouldn’t have gotten shit, if he had included either of them. I know the idealists and the right think he should have shit-canned the whole thing, once again letting the insurance companies win and please don’t give me the Hamsher bullshit that the insurance companies made out big with the bill that did pass, it’s not true. And simply throwing out the “mandate” word doesn’t convince me. I support a mandate wholeheartedly, without it the young and healthy wouldn’t be a part of the pool, which brings down costs and spreads the burden out. I think there needs to be more tweaking in the years to come and hopefully a public option will be part of that, but even without it, I still support a mandate.

    On the wars, the Iraq war is winding down, faster than the timetable….and I disagree with the ramping up of the war in Afghanistan, but I am also aware that stabilizing the region (nuclear weapons) has to be done or we could all be in deep shit. Even though I am a pacifist, I also understand that we live in a violent world and turning the other cheek isn’t exactly a strategy.

    On the oil leak, Mr. Monday Morning quarterback…if you have the answer, do share. The experts on oil leaks don’t reside in the government, what would you have him do send the Coast Guard or the National Guard down there with scuba gear and a cork? The damn thing should have never been built unless they had a way to deal with something like this. All the greatest minds in America are trying to figure this out and it sure is easy to sit on the sideline and throw grenades at the problem. If it’s just political points or some sort of grudge or racism or hatred for the president you are pushing this line for, I personally hope President Obama doesn’t run in 2012 – so he can make tough decisions and do some serious shit without having to worry about the politics of everything.

    On Arlen Specter….Obama kept his part of the deal with Specter, health care wouldn’t have passed without him as well as a few other things. If the Repugs weren’t abusing the filibuster, maybe he wouldn’t have had to make the deals he had to to get it passed. Politics isn’t a pretty thing and some people prefer to ride their ideals and stick their heads in the sand, instead of playing the hand they were dealt. (How’s that for mixing metaphors?)

    As far as EFCA goes, Obama was an original co-sponsor of the bill and hasn’t taken the issue up yet. He’s picking his battles and their are plenty of them, especially with whiny ass people carping at him on everything he does, or doesn’t do, or did, or might do, or should do, or hasn’t gotten to yet, or……and so many of you simply bitch, without offering what you would do. It’s pretty damn easy to sit on the sidelines and bitch, but actually getting off your ass and running for office and doing something yourself is just a little too hard for most. This president was dealt the shit-iest hand of any president in our history and is doing one kick ass job. Keep it up, Barack.

  5. So basically the only you disliked Bush was because of the “R” next to his name, right? Because basically the “change” we were promised is hilariously familiar to what I had been getting for 8, 16, 20, forever years.

    Of all your catering to Obama’s failing that you could possibly accuse me of racism is absolutely fucking hilarious. Tell me, as liberals continually move 1 step to the right for every 2 steps the conservatives make – does it ever make you think that you’re just a tool for corporate interests?

    Hey, let’s go move troops to the Mexican border and shoot some more brown people. Going all the way to Asia is taking too long.

    Also, DRILL BABY DRILL – Go Obama.

  6. The President couldn’t possibly have been posing for the camera. No sirree. He had no clue it was there.

  7. I’m trying to figure out whether you were responding to me or someone else. It’s so crazy what you say, it’s kind of like bizarro world on Seinfeld.

    On calling you a racist, you must be referring to this sentence where I said “If it’s just political points or some sort of grudge or racism or hatred for the president you are pushing this line for”….you must have missed the word IF there, I accept your apology.

    Of course, any of the questions I posed to you were just ignored, although I took your points one by one and responded. Your comments have no basis in reality, tell us what you support, who your candidate is and what you think the role of government is or should be? Come on, tell us instead of posting mysterious references that I have to wonder who it was meant for.

  8. I have no interest in debating you, dude. I’m simply using your unending defense of obama as entertainment. It’s hilarious how deluded and useless the liberal ideology is when you will tooth and nail defend the anti-human policies of one candidate of the status quo while ferociously attack those same policies in another of the same class.

    Continue to think about a 10-year-old Kim Kardashian’s breasts. Try not to worry about the civilians that your president kills every day without shedding a tear. Try not to worry about the rape of our planet that is enforced by his policies, just shout, “yes we can” and smile at every picture you can find of George W. Obama

  9. I love how you censor my responses. Not only did I tear apart each of your points but you edited them out and have the balls to claim i didn’t respond?

    You’re a piece of work.

  10. what are you talking about, I haven’t edited any of your responses. They always go right into the spam catcher for some reason, do you have a virus on your computer?

    There is this other thing called “moderation” which means they have to be approved before they get posted. I just found two of yours in the spam catcher, did you have others? Were the under quando?

    There are some comments I don’t post when they are death threats or take cheap shots at other commenters or are spam or are just plain rude.

    You should start your own blog, I started mine because I kept getting banned for speaking my mind on other people’s blogs, but I wasn’t a name caller or rude. I have one troll that never has his posted….death threats and really vulgar stuff, I don’t think my readers want to read that shit and he goes right into the spam catcher which means he could very well be carrying a virus which I don’t really want to expose my readers to.

  11. Oh quando, and I have a full time job, a production company that I run on the side, 5 acres that need some work periodically and a brand new grand baby… I don’t always get to moderating comments in a timely way. Thank goodness for my iPhone, I can approve comments on it….but I have to remember to look.

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