The Role of Government – BP Edition

As I listen to the right trying to blame anything that happens in the world on the Obama administration, I can’t help but wonder how these people justify their statements in light of their claim from the other side of their mouths that Obama is trying to take over the business sector. Oh, yeah, that’s right, they are BIG FUCKING HYPOCRITES. I’ve been wondering during this whole BP mess what exactly the US government CAN do. I admit that I am ignorant on exactly what powers our government has over a British company who is offshore. I’ve been so sickened by the whole mess that I have been in conscious denial about the whole damn thing. Bob Cesca says much of what I’ve been thinking about in this post about the government taking over the mess from BP…

But why wait? Get in there now. Again, I don’t know the legalities of actually nationalizing BP, but I wouldn’t just take over the capping and cleanup effort, I would take over the whole damn company. They’ve forfeited their corporate status. This is one of the biggest corporate disasters in the history corporate disasters.

Meanwhile, today we’re hearing from Sarah Palin and Pat Buchanan and others that the government ought to get in there and do something. But when the administration actually takes this advice, these same people will be screeching about a “government takeover.” The tea party people will scream about the government “bailing out” BP. Suddenly Palin and the Republicans will rally around Rand Paul and endorse his “un-American” line. The cable news people will hector congressmembers and administration officials about how they plan to pay for the cleanup — what about the CBO?

The stupid will reach all news levels of ear-bleeding hackery.

Of course when the US government does take over the problem, the games will begin in the congress. The Republi-fucks will try some stupid shit like tacking on an amendment to increase off-shore drilling or some abortion funding bullshit. I no longer underestimate the gall or stupidity of the Republicans, they keep sinking to new lows just when I think they’ve reached bottom.


8 thoughts on “The Role of Government – BP Edition

  1. Jim,

    Why is it that nothing is Obama’s fault. The economy, the inaction during the oil disaster, the inaction in Nashville.
    Everything Bush did was his fault including the democratic leadership in New Orleans massive incompetence during Katrina and the fact that the entitlement crowd wouldn’t do anything.

    The Gulf oil situation is a disaster and BP does not seem to be concerned. It is nice that his Excellency found the time to visit the Gulf after more than a month. I think it is wonderful that he is going to Chicago this weekend instead of honoring the soldiers who gave their lives for this country, a tradition that every other president thought was important.

    Now Europe is having riots because the government can’t afford to fund all of the entitlement’s and now some will have to actually get a job. I just hope this country never stoops so low as to make people work for their own support instead of providing for them on the backs of the worker.

  2. Guess he had a change of heart, quick day trip to see the spill, golf later. Maybe all of the thieves (politicians regardless of party) should give back all of the contributions they took from BP. That would show BP that our leaders cannot be bought for a few million in hush money. Best crooks money can buy. A new congressional slogan “For me by the party and screw the people”

  3. Ralph,
    If you knew me, you would know that I’m not a finger pointer – regardless of party. On the economy, I have taken probably 7 economics classes during my 8 years in college and because of it, I tend not to simplify things like most media and most people, of both parties. There are many variables that have an effect on growth, unemployment, lending and GDP. The federal government only has a marginal impact on these factors, same with the FED. Along with that, there is a major lag time between when a spending bill is passed, the money is spent and the effect it has on the economy. In this next year, Obama’s policies should start having an impact, good or bad on the economy. Then we can start blaming or giving credit to Obama. You do realize that the first budget Obama signed was left over from the previous congress and administration. Sure, he didn’t make them go back and re-write it as he could have because we were in such deep shit at the time. So the first budget he actually signed, he had nothing to do with making it, like I said, it was left over.

    The policies he enacted, including the stimulus, which I know you are in denial about, are starting to go into effect. What little effect the fed gov does have is starting to take effect.

    Regardless of who is president, the economy goes in cycles. There are upturns and downturns and the best an administration can do is try to keep the lows from going too low, and try to steady the growth rate so we don’t get inflation. So giving credit or blame to anyone is pretty much just playing politics. It certainly works, I firmly believe that when John McCain said “the fundementals of the economy are strong”, he lost the election on that day. I knew it when it happened, I did a snoopy dance in my office.

    As far as the oil spill goes, I’m holding off judgement until I know more, I may end up assigning some blame to him for not responding sooner or more forcefully, but like I said in the post, what can the US government do to a foreign owned company operating off-shore, I’m ignorant of that right now so I am withholding judgment. What does blaming really accomplish besides political points? If you want to blame him so you can get some political points, you go right ahead. I wish that energy would go towards trying to figure out a solution. I thought the Bush administration took way too much heat for Katrina. What is it with everyone wanting to point fingers and blame people, especially for acts of nature, or accidents, or terrorist attacks. If someone makes a decision that causes something catastrophic to happen, that’s one thing, but simply being the one in office when a hurricane strikes or a mine explodes or a private company fucks things up…..well, that’s just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Certainly there can be criticism of response time or whatever, but shifting the blame for the entire thing to one person or administration to me is a cop out. The reality is that accidents happen and acts of nature happen and guess what, they are going to continue to happen. And I guess people like you and others will continue to point fingers. I know my response is nuanced, I hope you get the nuance and don’t just give me knee jerk talking points.

  4. Cracks me up to no end how the right wingers hate the government, don’t want the government interferring, but when they need help cleaning up THEIR MESSES, suddenly they ask, “Where is the government?!!!”.

    Gawd I hate the right wing of this country more than beets and liver.

  5. Brussel sprouts are great if cook correctly, they just smell.

    A lot of what you said is correct and both parties are great at pointing fingers and doing little.

    Granted Obama was handed the last budget and has now one of his own which is up almost 20% in one year. Unemployment is still very high and the majority of jobs created or saved have been government jobs.

    The federal government has a tremendous impact on the economy because the either instill confidence or make people uncertain of the future. This administration has instilled fear in the small business sector with all of their demonizing and “programs”. The financial overhaul bill is a total mess because it adds restrictions on growth but does not address the two institutions who were a major cause of the housing bust, fannie and freddy.

    Obama is no different that any politician. His handlers make his decisions and he reads them. How many press conferences has he held? Most of his are press statements because, like his time in congress, he has little to stand on.

    Throw them all out and start over because the hole is getting deeper.

  6. The only way I think I would enjoy brussel sprouts is if they were cooked so you couldn’t taste the brussel sprouts themselves.

    “Granted Obama was handed the last budget and has now one of his own which is up almost 20% in one year. Unemployment is still very high and the majority of jobs created or saved have been government jobs.”

    Now I wish you had a citation to back up your numbers, what is it based on and what exactly are you talking about as far as “Up” 20%. We did have a lot of unnecessary spending because of the financial crisis and of course the biggie is that this administration is actually counting the costs of the two wars Bush handed him. That might account for some of that, actually including the many billions for war.

    the “majority of jobs created or saved were government jobs”. I have to ask, are you including teachers, police and firefighters in that number? And if so, does that make them…what, illegimate? The money they spend and the taxes they pay doesn’t matter? Are they some sort of sub-human to you. I’m asking because I hear all the damn time with a very negative tone “yeah, but they were government jobs” and I always have to think, WTF difference does it make? It’s similar to the rights talk and attitude towards union jobs….you got something against blue collar workers, the people that do the hard work to make the products that the fat cats collect money and profits from?

    It’s comments like that, “government jobs”, that give away your true right-wing programming.

    “The federal government has a tremendous impact on the economy because the either instill confidence or make people uncertain of the future. This administration has instilled fear in the small business sector with all of their demonizing and “programs”. The financial overhaul bill is a total mess because it adds restrictions on growth but does not address the two institutions who were a major cause of the housing bust, fannie and freddy.”

    I don’t know where to begin with that one. If you want to talk about instilling confidence, I just heard a report about consumer confidence and it’s been going up. All signs point to a pretty decent recovery, you can’t spin it away when people are getting jobs and spending again. It always reminds me of the Richard Pryor line, “who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” The financial overhaul bills is a mess….are you living in a cave? And really, you republicans need to just give up on trying to blame the financial mess solely on Fannie and Freddie, there is just way too much evidence that points to your buddies on Wall Street and the greed of the privileged class. Sure Fannie and Freddie need to be reformed and controlled better, but simplifying things like you attempted just points to your Republican roots.

    And don’t pretend to be an independent who thinks both parties should be thrown out, your words and talking points reveal your true stripes.

  7. Somehow I don’t consider a census taker as a productive job and “saving” a job is different than creating a job. Consumer confidence is up but hiring in the private sector is not. As a business owner, the attitude of the federalists is very unnerving because of the cost associated with the growth of “entitlement” programs, and yes national healthcare is an entitlement program.

    Who drove the lending institutions to loosen their mortgage lending standards? If you will recall back many years ago you had to have money at stake to get a mortgage. Easy cheap money was behind the mortgage mess and the politicians were at the top of the heap pushing it. Fannie and Freddie are “government run backers of mortgages” and with the help of Frank and Waters were not reeled in, they were praised as sound.

    As to my being a Republican, I haven’t seen any candidate worth voting for in 17 years. I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal. Live the way you want but don’t ask me to pay for your mistakes. That differs from a Republican who wants to control the moral high ground and different from a democrat who does not believe in personal responsibility and the government will fix everything.

    BTW the 2010 budget was 3.1T and the 2011 is 3.8T. Thats an 18.5% increase and is the reason I said almost 20% in one year.

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