Rand Paul – The New Face of the Republican Party

If you haven’t seen this, check it out. Rachel gives Rand Paul a lot of opportunity to back off his previous racist statements but he digs in and seems to make matters even worse. It ought to be a fun year in politics. Strap on your seat belts folks.


7 thoughts on “Rand Paul – The New Face of the Republican Party

  1. What did he say that was racist? He stated several times that he abhors racism so what did you hear that was not there?

  2. That’s just lovely that he abhors racism, it’s too bad he’s fine with other people being racist and discriminating against people. That’s where the problem lies, supporting racism even if you don’t support it yourself. And I guess it is very similar to you not being able to see the problem with legal, American citizens getting harrassed because the don’t look like you. I’m sure you don’t call yourself a racist, do you?

  3. So in order to be completely against racism, you have to be pro big government?….ummmm I don’t think so.

    You guys really are reaching with calling Rand a racist. Again, if that is all you can say, then you have no argument.

  4. I guess I don’t know if he is a racist or not, he keeps saying he isn’t, but he clearly supports racist policies. His statement the other night on Rachel isn’t the only source of his views on the Civil Rights law. I don’t think “private” businesses should be able to discriminate against whoever they want, sorry, but that is racist.

  5. So the government should determine what you do with with your private property. Is it discrimination for no shirt no service. Aren’t the NAACP, the black caucus, black miss america racist organizations.

    I have not seen many interviews from legal citizens about being harassed in Arizona and you can bet the NBC, MSNBC and the other liberal media is all over that state trying to find one. Lets get rid of the Arizona law and have the federal government enforce the laws that are on the books. After all the federal government should provide everyone with everything they need, except the “rich” of course, so why shouldn’t they enforce the laws they create.

    There is more political gain in trashing a law that you have not read than enforcing a law on the books.

  6. Couple of things Mr. Atlanta Ralph seeing conservatives whine about things such as the NAACP,Miss Black, the congressional black caucus is fucking hilarious. It seems when conservatives can’t defend institutional racism, they find some straws to grasp really how is the NAACP racist? How is Miss Black America racist? I didn’t know white beauty queens wanted to be Miss Black America?

    I suspect many defenders of the Arizona law haven’t read the law either but based their support for the law from what Sean Hannity or Rush told them.

  7. You are so right Johnny C. When people embrace their culture and honor their ancestors or heritage, the “racists” always try to paint that as reverse racism. Of course St. Patricks Day isn’t seen that way, or Oktoberfest or Polish Days or any of the other white celebrations of heritage. Do you think black woman are going to try to be the St. Patricks Day Queen or whatever? So really, its just one more stupid justification for their fear and hatred of people who aren’t like them. It’s sad that these people still exist in 2010, how far have we really come?

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