What Tuesdays Elections Mean

My answer is, whatever anyone wants it to mean. The pundit class is out and about today spinning and interpreting the results of primaries and one special election. Apparently both parties are claiming victory which proves to me that when people cast votes, politicians get elected. I personally don’t read too much into individual races, just like I don’t read much into polls this far out from an election. Like Tip O’neill said, all politics are local. Trying to read a larger meaning into primary elections or any individual election is an exercise in futility. I scoff at most of the talking heads who try to connect dots that aren’t supposed to be connected or prognosticate the implications for the general election in November. The voting public, specifically the middle of the electorate are very fickle, their opinions blow in the breeze depending on whatever the current mood is. Good politicians like Barack Obama and David Plouffe know how to swing that fickle middle. But I propose that until we get close to November, it’s pretty silly trying to predict outcomes or major swings. One major event, a natural disaster, a terrorist event or even an upturn in the economy can cause major swings in the middle segment of the voting population. both parties have weaknesses and incumbents are in trouble if they are perceived to be part of those problems. I would propose that Republicans look much more like a part of the problem and it is up to us liberals to help get that word out.


One thought on “What Tuesdays Elections Mean

  1. I just found this little diddy that I think is proof that elections are local, people in a given district want to know that their representative is in touch with the district itself. President Obama or any other politician, Mitch McConnell or whatever, don’t have much effect. Especially in primary elections in an off-presidential year. This is about the 12th district in Penn win by the democrat.

    “Democrats are jubilant that the 12th District may provide clues for preventing a wipeout in November. They believe their ground game vastly outperformed the competition. And whereas Burns ran as an anti-Washington candidate and cast the election as a referendum on President Obama and Democratic leadership in Congress, Critz kept this message local, focused on the economy and job creation. He delivered one speech outside the local U.S. Census office to protest the bureau’s use of foreign-made apparel.”

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