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Arab American Wins Miss USA Pageant – Congratulations!

A huge congratulations to Rima Fakih for winning the Miss USA pageant, we in Michigan are proud of you. Hooray!  Even if the Teabaggers and right-wing bigots feel empowered, the rest of the United States of America including the judges of the Miss USA pageant are much better people than the media would want you to believe. With as much attention as those nutballs get, you would think the whole country is Islamophobic, but alas, America proves once again that the loudest voices aren’t necessarily the majority.

But of course the bigoted, hateful, right-wing in this country doesn’t like that idea at all. Apparently they believe America is a melting pot, but you can only put white people in that pot. From a TPM story on the win….

A new Miss USA was crowned last night, the first time a Muslim, Arab-American woman won the honor. But for Daniel Pipes, a neocon pundit who writes for the National Review and was a Bush appointee to the Peace Institute, that’s one too many.

On his blog yesterday, Pipes pointed out five other Muslim women who’ve won beauty contests in the U.S., Britain and France over the last five years.

“They are all attractive, but this surprising frequency of Muslims winning beauty pageants makes me suspect an odd form of affirmative action,” he wrote.

That “suspicion is borne out,” he wrote, because of one pageant winner at North Carolina A&T University who wore a hijab under her crown.

Pipes does not explain why Miss A&T’s hijab proves his suspicion that a handful of Muslim beauty pageant winners are the result of some “odd form of affirmative action.”

I have to call out TPM for not even mentioning Rima Fakih’s name. I’m sure it was just an oversight, but it plays into the idea that pageants are superficial, you mean she has a name?

We could debate the whole idea of beauty pageants in general, but let’s leave that for another day. Hooray for Arab Americans and hooray for Michigan, we are proud of you Rima.