gratuitous grand-daughter photos of the day

My awesome grand-daughter just keeps getting cooler and cooler all the time. Her first Peace sign, I’m teaching her well. :) I have real posts coming later, sorry for the few days I took off, busy with life, you know?

Shot by Extreme Liberal


4 thoughts on “gratuitous grand-daughter photos of the day

  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

    I’m so jealous. :-) I don’t think I’ll EVER have grandchildren. Oldest kid will be 30 this year, my baby will be 27 and neither of them are even dating. Jeez. When I said don’t bring any babies in my house, I didn’t mean forever.

  2. Staci, There is still hope, my step-daughter just met her husband two years ago and now she’s married with a beautiful baby girl. She’s 32 years old. We were thinking she wouldn’t ever have kids a couple years ago and now look what we have. :)
    I’m going to set up her own blog for posting photos for family and friends and stuff.

  3. Her mom is a good progressive, an art teacher….actually, Art Teacher of the Year for the state of Michigan last year. She rocks. Now the husband I suspect of being a closet Republican, he always claims to be ignorant of politics which I guess fits nicely with being a Republican, (rimshot).

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