A Case Against Glenn Greenwald’s Hyperbole!

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the President gets to pick the nominees for the Supreme Court, right? Did I miss some new law that makes Glenn Greenwald the person who gets to pick the nominees? Glenn Greenwald is one of those bloggers that often has very great stuff to say, he was particularly good during the Bush years but after seeing him on the Teevee recently and reading some of his writings about the nomination of Elena Kagan, I’m second guessing whether he was making shit up about Bush too. There are many examples of his misleading, mischaracterizing and in some cases lying about Elena Kagan’s record. I’ve gone out and looked at some of his stuff and found some pretty over the top hyperbole, here is one example…(emphasis is mine)

Well, I think that, to begin with, it’s very difficult to know what it would mean, because she’s somebody who has managed to avoid taking a position on virtually every single issue of importance over the last two decades.

That’s weird, because just since her nomination, I’ve heard all sorts of her positions and even more about her character and some pretty awesome references too. He goes on in the same paragraph with more…

And in order to know what the impact of a Supreme Court nominee will be, it’s important not only to assess them in isolation, but also relative to who they’re replacing. And there’s a very substantial likelihood that Kagan is more conservative than the justice she’s replacing, which is John Paul Stevens, which means even if she’s a relatively decent person and a good Democrat, the effect that she would have, very likely, is to move the Court to the right.

So let’s see here, “a substantial likelihood” that Kagan is more conservative…based on what? Is it just his opinion or is there some basis for it? From all I’ve read from Mr. Greenwald, I haven’t found his specificity on why he thinks she is so conservative or moderate or not perfect in his mind. He goes on to say that she would, “very likely”, move the court to the right because she’s replacing John Paul Stevens, WHO WAS NOMINATED BY A REPUBLICAN. More hyperbole from Greenwald…

But I think the real issue is, we know virtually nothing about what she thinks about anything. She’s managed to remain a totally blank slate. She has no experience, not even just not as a judge, but even in court, in a courtroom.

Now this is where Glenn crosses the line in my opinion and begins to act like he personally should have some say in who President Obama picks “we know virtually nothing about what she thinks about anything”…as if he were on the selection committee. He sure thinks highly of his own opinion, that’s for sure. In reading a lot of his writing, you would think that he was elected president in November of 2008 and was given the right to pick the supreme court nominees. Hey Glenn, when you get elected president (cough) then you can pick a supreme court nominee. Until then, quit acting like we owe you something, it makes you look like a whiny malcontent. I suspect that if he didn’t use over-the-top rhetoric, he might be more persuasive but as it is, he looks like a jilted lover or something. He was on Rachel Maddow last night and clearly has a lot of pent-up hatred, and based on his over-the-top rhetoric on health care reform, I would say he doesn’t care for Barack Obama. Here is some more over-the-top hyperbole…

Nothing is a better fit for this White House than a blank slate, institution-loyal, seemingly principle-free careerist who spent the last 15 months as the Obama administration’s lawyer vigorously defending every one of his assertions of extremely broad executive authority.

Woe, now she is a “principle-free careerist” huh? I would say that given Glenn Greenwald’s stream of bullshit against Elena Kagan, that he is lacking in some principles too. I read on his wikipedia entry that he quit practicing constitutional law after 10 years because “I was bored with litigating full-time…”. So litigating bored him, huh, had to make a career change. So tell me why I should listen to a “quitter”? The only thing he keeps coming back to is a lack of information about her opinions, so apparently he just projects whatever the hell he wants on her and then hates her for it.

It’s even less surprising that Obama would not want to choose someone like Diane Wood.  If you were Barack Obama, would you want someone on the Supreme Court who has bravely insisted on the need for Constitutional limits on executive authority, resolutely condemned the use of Terrorism fear-mongering for greater government power, explicitly argued against military commissions and indefinite detention, repeatedly applied the progressive approach to interpreting the Constitution on a wide array of issues, insisted upon the need for robust transparency and checks and balances, and demonstrated a willingness to defy institutional orthodoxies even when doing so is unpopular?  Of course you wouldn’t.  Why would you want someone on the Court who has expressed serious Constitutional and legal doubts about your core policies?

Ahhhhhhh, you see here where his head really is. He just plain hates Barack Obama, because he isn’t Hillary, I suspect. Claiming that Obama’s core policies are the opposite of Diane Wood’s, who was the horse he wanted in the race, is way over the top. It just reeks of “sore loser” to me.  It’s so much like a jilted lover who sees everything through a veil of hatred towards that person. Like I said before, if he didn’t go so far over-the-top, he might  be more convincing in his arguments, but he apparently lets his emotions take over…which lays waste to his arguments.

I don’t claim to know a shitload about Elena Kagan, but I do know a lot about the president I voted for, Barack Obama, and I certainly respect his intelligence and his respect for the constitution and I am very comfortable supporting whoever he picks to be on the SCOTUS. It isn’t blind faith, like I’m sure the trolls will put in their comments, but living in the real world where people vote, lawmakers make laws, presidents get to nominate people and sore losers get to whine like little children.


7 thoughts on “A Case Against Glenn Greenwald’s Hyperbole!

  1. The self-appointed “gate-keepers” on the left tend to leave out PROGRESS when thinking of themselves as Progressives. Progress has traditionally been done one step at a time. It’s a “my way or the highway” mindframe….the reason we Democrats often lose it all when the purists apply their tests. Compromise is considered poison to both the far left and far right even though this is how successful democracies stay alive.

  2. It is clear that a lot of people are out to get her only because she is a MTF transgendered woman. The H8’ers are doing everything they can to keep a transgendered woman from being successful and that is quite disgusting.

  3. It is difficult to have an opinion on a judge who has never been a judge. She is against lawful citizens carrying guns in DC and she is Harvard but those are not enough to disqualify her. It is the presidents responsibility to nominate a justice and congress who decides if they are acceptable. It would be nice to select the best candidate but our political system will never let that happen.

    She has no history to attack so it should be a slam dunk.

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