20% of People Are Crazy! (updated)

OK, maybe it isn’t 20%, it might be 25%…..or it could be less than 20%. But a certain percentage of the American people are batshit crazy. I’m not talking about people with mental impairments and I’m not disparaging anyone who has one. I’m referring to people who either through profound ignorance, bigotry or the mindless following of charismatic leaders (Rush and Glenn come to mind)…are easily led down whatever path they stumble upon. TPM has a story about a poll which asked about the “birther” phenomenon, you know those folks who think President Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. The pollsters pressed the people for details and the results are kind of interesting and prompted me to write this post. From TPM…

As part of its general national survey of adults in late April, ABC/WaPo asked, “where was Barack Obama born, as far as you know?” The initial answer was 68% United States, 14% another country. ABC then pushed the undecideds, by asking for their best guess. After those leaners were pushed, the final result was 77% United States, 20% somewhere else.

Now if this poll is to be believed, 20% of the American people believe something that has been proven to be false with hard evidence, lots of it and I’m not going to present it here. I’ve seen the birth certificate and the certificate of live birth and the newspaper announcement of the birth in the Hawaii paper. Anyone who thinks his conspiracy to become president started at birth, well let’s just lock those people up right now!!!! What is so interesting about these poll results, though, is that 1/3 of those who believe he wasn’t born in America actually approve of the job he is doing. Whaaaaaa? That means 6.6% of the general population can actually believe a conspiracy even when they approve of the target of that conspiracy, I think I’ve met some of these people….it always results in me shaking my head like a snow globe and saying “Whaaaaa?” More from TPM…

The same ABC/WaPo polling sample had Obama’s approval rating at 54%, with 44% disapproving. This puts Birther approval of Obama at about 20 points behind the norm. The poll of American adults has a margin of error of ±3.5%.

I’ve typed it before, the 54/44 number really is pretty good for a president who won with 53% of the popular vote and has taken on some big issues like health care. On top of that, he’s been fighting against a very well financed campaign and a Republican party that has tried every single trick they can find to try to stop the president from doing anything. Can you imagine how much higher his approval rating would be if the misinformation and lying campaign that has been going since he took office hadn’t taken place? So many of the people in the disapprove category are just ignorant of the truth, they have sources of information like Rush and Glenn that are intentionally faulty, they lie with no conscience and continue to do it even when confronted with the truth, they are playing this group for suckers. And if the shoe fits…


Bob Cesca points us to this poll finding that proves my point in this post, it looks like it’s more like 28% rather than 20%.

We have some new national polling coming out tomorrow on offshore drilling. The most astounding number from the poll? 28% of Republicans said the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico made them more likely to support drilling off the coast to an equal 28% who said it made them less likely to be supportive. 44% said it made no difference to them and that’s understandable, but why would an oil spill make you more supportive of drilling?

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