Laughs In Washington – Intentional This Time!

Once a year they get to roast each other, here is a long clip of the White House Correspondents Dinner from the White House website.


5 thoughts on “Laughs In Washington – Intentional This Time!

  1. You are my hero and almost my one and only love. Always in my heart. damn you rock! more later… just a shout for now! down to other maters of life and politics… thank you for this blog!!!

  2. I watched some of this on line today, now that I am at my destination. Yahoo!! Easy Trip. I thought the President did an outstanding job. The joke on the tanning beds and Boner was funny. Im going to go on C-Span and watch the whole segment of the President. I was at the hotel when this was on and watched the beginning, but couldn’t stay awake to watch it live. Needed my beauty sleep. Our President is such a class act.

  3. I like the “Roberta in MN” moniker. Welcome back to the great white north. :)

    I’m waiting on the call to go to the hospital to see my baby granddaughter. I just hope both her and my step-daughter are healthy.

  4. Congratulations Grandpa. They are a treasure to be sure. I have a Grandson and Granddaughter, both adopted. But they sure could have come out of the gene pool of my son and daugher-in-law they are so much alike, it’s like they were made for them.
    Have a good visit.

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