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I’m Taking My Ball and Going Home!

Steve Benen over at the Washington Monthly has a great post about the idiotic tactics the Republicans have been using since President Obama took office. It’s good stuff, here is a couple of pieces of it. I highly recommend you go check it out.

Long-time readers may recall a discussion we had back in December, about the quality of the debate over health care reform. It was obvious at the time that the meaningful, interesting disputes weren’t between conservatives and liberals, but between liberals and other liberals.It’s not that the right remained silent; it’s that they offered arguments that no serious person could find credible. Consider, just off the top of your head, the most prominent concerns raised by opponents of the Affordable Care Act. What comes to mind? “Death panels.” “Socialism.” “Government takeover.”

It was the biggest domestic policy fight in a generation, but most of the policy debate was spent debunking transparent, child-like nonsense. The left approached the debate with vibrancy, energy, and seriousness. The right thought it was fascinating to talk about the number of pages in the legislation.

Making matters worse, the quality of the discourse on health care wasn’t especially unusual. We endured a mind-numbing debate over economic recovery efforts because Republicans weren’t prepared for a serious argument. We can’t discuss Wall Street reform because Republicans keep saying “bailout” for no reason. We can’t discuss a climate bill because Republicans reflexively reject the science.

I think it is very much a scorched earth tactic. Prove that politicians can’t do anything right so they sweep the bums out….which is really the only hope the party of “hell no” has. It could very well work with the media being such willing participants in the process. Steve Benen links to Marc Ambinder, who is excerpted below

I want to find Republicans to take seriously, but it is hard. Not because they don’t exist — serious Republicans — but because, as Sanchez and others seem to recognize, they are marginalized, even self-marginalizing, and the base itself seems to have developed a notion that bromides are equivalent to policy-thinking, and that therapy is a substitute for thinking.

It is absolutely a condition of the age of the triumph of conservative personality politics, where entertainers shouting slogans are taken seriously as political actors, and where the incentive structures exist to stomp on dissent and nuance, causing experimental voices to retrench and allowing a lot of people to pretend that the world around them is not changing. The obsession with ACORN, Climategate, death panels, the militarization of rhetoric, Saul Alinsky, Chicago-style politics, that TAXPAYERS will fund the bailout of banksĀ — these aren’t meaningful or interesting or even relevant things to focus on. (The banks will fund their own bailouts.)

I have to imagine that old politicians on the right have to be cringing at what has happened to their party. They’ve been hijacked by the wackos…Rush, Glenn, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Mitch McConnell….well, I guess they are all pretty much wackos. It’s a new day in American politics, not a good day though…the place is on fire!