Making Room in Hell for Republicans!

Word on the street is that Satan has had to make a big capital investment in Hell to make room for all the Republicans who are heading straight there. Bechtel and Haliburton both have competitive bids in on the project. It’s the largest expansion of Hell since the Joe McCarthy period.  Satan is salivating at all the new business coming out of the Republican Party and the Tea Party. It’s mostly the lies that are bringing in the new biz. And these aren’t little white lies, these are big whopping lies….the kind that land you in the eternal fires of hell. The kind that are the exact opposite of the truth, not just an exaggeration or a slant, oh no, these are manufactured lies courtesy of Frankie Luntz.

Frank has been working for Satan, he’s their best recruiter down there. They have monuments to him at the gates, right near the Fox News Theatre where they run Glenn Beck on a loop. On the way in, Rush hands out Oxycontin to the new arrivals, pointing them towards the Excellence In Bullshit (EIB) building, which is where they hold the worship services now hosted by Jerry Falwell, the new pastor.