Ouch, Republicans Shooting Themselves in the Foot!

Being the “party of no” has its consequences. This article in Politico, although biased in the way Politico usually is, goes into detail about why the republican’s actions are actually hurting some of their biggest supporters, big business.

While the business community looks to its Senate allies to blunt the White House’s legislative agenda, another threat looms that is much more difficult to control: a Democratic-run bureaucracy.

But the decision by Republicans to oppose President Barack Obama on virtually every front has left business groups with few, if any, ways to bargain with or pressure the White House to moderate its policies.

That evolving dynamic could begin to define the current limits of the business community’s muscle and the Republican minority’s leverage in the ongoing power struggle with the labor movement — especially if Obama shows more willingness to exercise the full powers of his office.

When you take your ball and go home, you miss out on all the fun. Besides looking like children who are spoiled, fact challenged and the bullies of the playground, Republicans really aren’t doing themselves any favors by not participating in the governing process. I am very glad that they have chosen this route, because I believe whole-heartedly that President Obama really is willing to compromise with them and by not participating, the president has no other options than to do what he and the democrats believe is right. Go Democrats.

In the interest of transparency, the Obama administration is putting information out there, which of course Republicans want to keep out of the public hands. More from Politico…

At the Department of Labor, officials are reconstructing the agency’s website to make it easier for the public to search safety violations and other infractions lodged against companies. Currently, those searches require a series of clicks — and inside knowledge about the various relevant oversight agencies — to find violations. Under the new website design, the public will be able to simply type in the name of a firm to see its entire compliance history.

While some may view that as simply making government more transparent, Glenn Spencer, executive director of the Chamber’s Workforce Freedom Initiative, calls it “a trial lawyer’s dream.”

NO, not accountability for actions, say it isn’t so. Of course, Republicans wouldn’t want businesses that violate safety and other regulations to be called out on it. I always have to wonder how they react when it’s one of their family members killed or hurt by unsafe practices in the workplace.