Reality, Your Taxes Were Lower This Year – WAKE UP!

I love this group who came out to counter protest the teabaggers. The teabaggers are living in an alternate reality, almost trance-like. The truth must be spread, the trance must be broken, the sleep walking need to be woken up. We can’t let the charlatans, Rush, Glenn, Sarah, Newt, Mitch, Boner and all the other ‘leaders’ of the Republican Party continue to spread misinformation, outright lies and hatred.


3 thoughts on “Reality, Your Taxes Were Lower This Year – WAKE UP!

  1. Out of 5.5 million living in the Houston metro area, a whopping 200 teabaggers showed up downtown yesterday afternoon in Discovery Park at the George R. Brown Convention Center. But they got more local TV coverage than any of the hundreds of thousands who once marched against Bush attacking Iraq. The “lamestream” media loves the teabaggers and can’t get enough of Sarah Palin who would fade away if not for those who have made her a celebrity.

  2. I was just thinking about that on my way home tonight, I was listening to On Point with Tom Ashbrook and they were talking about the latest tea partier poll that said 18% of people “associate” themselves with the tea party movement. I thought to myself that I bet most of those people really don’t know what the tea party is, because it isn’t really anything…except an outlet for hatred towards our black president. I’m convinced more and more that the majority of the tea partiers real motivation is racism. I have to go and read the results of that poll because they asked some interesting questions.

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