Rudeness from The Rude Pundit!

If you don’t already check out Lee Papa’s Rude Pundit website, you have to, unless you are easily offended, then you might want to stay away. I love this paragraph from his latest post about the Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann love-fest on Faux News. Here is the Rude Pundits whole post.

The whole of the interview was like watching three wildebeests fuck each other – awkward, stupid-looking, and mostly goddamned funny. Of course, to the wildebeests, it’s very serious business, this fucking they’re engaged in. Palin did what she always does; she strung together key words and talking points into nonsense verse: “I think this is indicative of what is coming in November. I think that there will be that sweeping of change and you will see that takeover, if you will, a positive, a good valuable takeover of common sense conservatives back in Congress.” That’s not actually a sentence with a logical progression of ideas. But it does contain words that the slavering teabaggers in the room could understand. It’s the conservative version of pointing and grunting.


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