Michael Steele Out, Liz Cheney In?

Did anyone else just hear a Republican strategist (I missed her name) just say on MSNBC that Michael Steele should step down and then Liz Cheney can take over as chair of the Republican National Committee? Woe, that would make things interesting. She’s a nutjob and the dynamics of the Republican party would change dramatically. I’m sure she would have a purity test, run far right candidates and further the Republicans role as the wacko party. Bring it on!


5 thoughts on “Michael Steele Out, Liz Cheney In?

  1. Hard to conceive, in light of the shitstorm this evil witch stirred up with her “Al-Qaida 7” garbage, where she got blasted from all sides.

    Then again, these are rethugs, and no-one has yet been able to adequately explain the whole Moosolini phenomenon (sic) to me. At least not from a standard including logic.

    Nor any of the other members of this three ring circus sideshow of fucking freaks known collectively as the Republican Party.

  2. When I heard that strategist say it, it seemed like she was trying to get it on the record. I don’t think it was off the cuff….but I agree that it’s hard to conceive of them doing it. But we have to remember who we are dealing with, right. The picked Sarah Palin as the VP candidate and Michael Steele as the chair. I keep thinking they will hit a low point, but it just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

  3. Lizard Cheney would make the RNC into a domestic terrorist group! I kind of like this idea, because the republicans would lose every election for the rest of eternity!

  4. To be fair, they were kind of forced into Michael. Remember the last guy standing against him had some “colorful” issues in his past. It was rather hysterical watching the Republicans squirm in choosing the black guy or the guy that belonged to all white clubs. Hilarious stuff!

  5. It was pretty funny and at the time I remember how it said to me that the Republican Party was leaderless, the guys that used to run things from behind the curtain had all bailed on them. Not too long ago, the “leadership” would have picked someone behind the scenes and then pushed it on their membership.

    It’s fun watching them try to get him out, I guess they are trying to get him to step down, but I don’t think Michael Steele rolls that way. He is an odd character, for sure. I agree with Kay that if Liz Cheney were to take over, the party would implode, let’s hope that happens. The only downside would be a civil war.

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