Take That, Republicans!

Here is a part of President Obama’s speech yesterday in Portland, Maine. Republicans have to be reconsidering whether they want to run against the health care bill, if they have any brains left…..oh wait, nevermind.


12 thoughts on “Take That, Republicans!

  1. It’s gotten a little crazy out there. MOre than usual. I almost choled when I saw the Florida Doctor Cassel post about not seeing patients that voted for Obama. We have a really sick society right now. I sure hope he will be OK. Please pary for our Pres. I just love to see the wing nut go nuts. But then you get the crazies out there and you never know what they are going to do. (sigh)

  2. Hey Jim:

    Can you (or any one of your readers) help me understand something? This post may go a bit long, but I will try to limit my words. Totally off topic.

    On the jobs issue, can somebody explain what Obama’s administration is supposed to do to replace eight million jobs that will most likely never come back? I can think of several industries that have laid off workers, and those folks are gone for good because they’ve either been replaced by computers, robotics or machines. Look at the auto industry. How are you going to recoup those jobs? The casino industry — they’ve dumped hundreds of thousands of workers. Since their machines no longer dispense coins and instead spit out little pieces of paper those workers are gone that used to reload the machines. The machines also now require less maintenance. Jobs gone. The cashiers have almost entirely been replaced by ATM machines regardless of the service you need because they do everything. The people that walked around giving change – gone.

    I used to work for a plant that produced lime. Their primary customer (probably 70% of their business) was the steel industry. There are very few steel mills left in the Midwest hence no need for lime produced on the same scale. Lots and lots of jobs gone in both of those industries and most of those folks have been in their jobs 25 – 30 years. What the hell can they do now? They are too young for retirement by 10, 15 years but they are not really marketable in 2010.

    At any rate, I’m sure you get my point. How is Obama going to get all of these people to the point where they are employable and then also create jobs for them ALL IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Hell, even the next ten years. How do you convince millions of fifty year old folks to go back to school and learn something new? Where is the framework for that any place – training and re-education for millions of people?

    Now, those are just the “regular” people. I hear the unemployment numbers in the minority communities especially among the men. I also hear the statistics on how many of them have misdemeanors and felonies which has added up to a lot of people being unemployable. I also hear the statistics on how few of them finished even high school, forget about any further education or training. How many of them caught cases as teenagers which effectively ruined their lives as they then became caught up in the judicial system and these folks have given up any hope for any kind of “real” life. They aren’t going to be easy to get employed (and that’s assuming they want to work) yet they’re being counted among the unemployed too.

    Anyway, with all of this working against him in addition to all of the economic stuff, please, somebody explain to me why the narrative is all about Obama failing instead of any of the underlying issues that are the real problems? And secondly, how can his administration create jobs. What does that even mean? I’m not talking about the census jobs, though I’m not knocking them (hell, work is work) but those will go away without really fixing the problem. What could he possibly do for a person like me (and there are lots of people just like me) – a 50 year old person, fairly educated with almost 30 years of experience in administration? Only the market can create a job for me. There’s nothing Obama can do.

    Apologies again for the length and for hijacking your blog, Jim. I promise, I won’t do it again. :-)

  3. Shit, now that I see that post on the screen I’m totally embarrassed at the length. Sorry again.

  4. Staci, Anytime you want to rant on my blog, you go nuts. :) Hell, you can write a novel on here if you want, if people don’t want to read it, they don’t have to. And I don’t think WordPress has a word limit. :)

    You are so right about the lost jobs not coming back. President Obama knows this too, but in the media filter, everything he says is put through the “how will this effect the election” filter and the discussion always turns to the process and politics of the issue. Pres O sees the solution in new technologies, especially in green techology. Now I suppose the term “green” causes a knee jerk reaction from the right that it’s some hippy, tree hugging mentality, but what the president has said is true. American needs to get in the game and lead in these new clean energy fields before some other country beats us to it. For all those greedy capitalists out there, they need to shed their prejudices about “green” technology and make some money off it.

    In the Republican Party’s attempt to shut down the presidents agenda for political reasons, they are in effect causing the further deepening of unemployment. The federal government is the only entity big enough to spark the new research and development that we need to lead this new industry. Tax incentives and grants and loans to emerging technology industries are essential. But of course if the Rethugs filibuster every goddamn bill and slow down the legislative process, there’s only so much the Democrats will be able to get through. It looks like we are pretty much fucked since the Repugs are practicing “scorched earth” politics. What else can they do, they have no ideas or positive agenda for anything.

    And on the length of your post, I’ve posted longer ones on other people’s blogs and I know how you feel. I felt like a blowhard and probably was. :) That’s one of the reasons why I started this blog, so I could rant without feeling like I hijacked someones blog. I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to guest blog on here even before you typed this last comment. What do you think?

  5. OMG, OMG, OMG You play too much. (she says with a huge grin) Thank you so much for the offer, but I’m more than happy just to be able to visit and post here. I know jack shit about blogging, and I’m not going to be the one that embarrasses you for letting an admitted goofball be a guest. Hell, I couldn’t even figure out how to get an emoticon here. I am so flattered though. You have made my weekend! THANKS.

    You know, I wish I could put the fault of this all on the media. They have their liabilities, but the real culprits are the American people. I’m in Arizona now. I’ve been here for almost three months from Chicago. I have never in my life seen such blatant stupidity, ignorance and racism and the people are a proud people in exhibiting this bullshit. It’s un-flippin’-believable! It’s like I’ve stepped back 20 years in time. I was at BINGO the other night (no snide comments, okay) and this Asian woman won three games including one of the $1000 games. During the intermission, this guy says “she needs to go back to China” and nobody even seemed offended. I didn’t notice anybody but myself even look over at the guy. Again, I’ve only been here three months, and I’ve seen stuff similar to this on at least five occasions. To make matters worse, yesterday I saw the guy again. He lives in my apartment complex. Sweet, huh?

    So, I say all of that to say this — with a huge part of the populace in this mindset, how do you convince them that it’s not Obama’s fault they are unemployed or that they can’t find a job? How do you make them understand that they may have to learn new stuff if they ever hope to be employed again? Industries have changed and they can either get with the program or get outta the way. Look at how many people can’t equate Medicare with government healthcare. Ignorance abounds, and I can’t see any way out of this mess for at least another generation, maybe two looking at how the tea partiers are indoctrinating their children. After living out here, I’m convinced unemployment will remain high for a long time because many people are not pre-disposed to learning anything new and the green technology jobs won’t be available for them.

  6. Do you remember during the Republican primary for president when John McCain went to Michigan (I think, it could have been Ohio) and told them those manufacturing jobs were gone forever and he got absolutely smashed in the polls for saying it. People got pissed at him for telling the truth.

  7. I appreciate your input on the site, Staci and don’t be surprised if I bump a comment or portion up to the front page sometime, if that’s alright with you.

    I remember the McCain thing well, it was in Michigan that he said it. President Obama said a similar thing but much more tactfully and with an answer on how to replace the jobs, with new energy efficient cars, new technologies.

    I think that the majority of the idiots in the country really don’t vote, it’s way too much hassle for them and I’m sure their cynicism, caused a lot by the Repubs and media, only makes it worse. I’m one of those people who thinks that a lot of what happens in the political arena, including cable news, blogs, newspapers and radio between election seasons is really not that important. Polls swing back and forth, opinions are fluid. Especially with the fickle public we have, some of whom actually vote, not many but some. And this fickle public is easily distracted by shiny objects or the latest outrage or phenomenon.

    When it comes down to election time, I’m talking presidential now, that’s when people who aren’t political junkies like you and I and the rest, start paying attention. A debate can swing an election pretty dramatically, we have several examples of that in recent presidential elections. A good speech or defense of an attack (racism speech) can change things too. But anyone who even tries to predict what might happen in 2 and 1/2 years is smoking something.

    By the end of his first term, I’m positive that the policies the president has been getting through will start having a greater impact on the economy and we all know that is probably the best indicator of whether a pres will be reelected. If the economy is still shit, there probably isn’t much he can do to win. Here’s hoping for some good economic results.

    Now we do have to be concerned about the midterms because if the president loses his support in congress, the repubs will win the scorched earth war by stopping everything. It sucks so bad that a political party would put politics ahead of the people. They truly are vile people, at least a lot of them are anyway.

  8. I think the mid terms are where the fight will be won or loss, and sadly, I think we’re going to lose a lot. I was talking to a girlfriend earlier today and used the analogy of a boiling pot for where we are today in the country. For the longest time we have been on simmer. The primary between Hillary and Obama brought things to a slow boil. The general election set up the rolling boil, and Obama’s election sent the boil over the edge. I was reading a magazine called Phoenix New Times and saw the following in the editorial pages in response to the city disbanding a special force of the department:

    A Career Criminal Squad isn’t needed to pick on people who have a constitutional right to dislike anybody they want. So a black man gets beaten up. He probably deserved it. Who knows what he said to provoke the attack. I’m glad and there are many more like me – that the Phoenix PD will no longer have a unit to pick on people like me that just because I proudly wear so-called Nazi tattoos and defend myself. It’s not just mud people who have rights.

    Now, I ask you, how the hell can progressives win when we’re still fighting this bullshit? This nut even signed his name. As I posted earlier, these racists out here are loud and proud — and in 2010, too. These people are going to come out in droves to get their candidates elected while the liberals/progressives/moderates will be sitting around waiting for the presidential election. I think a second term for Obama will be even more contentious than this one has become.

    If I ever post anything that you think is good enough for the main, go for it. Are you kidding, this is the nicest thing that’s happened to me in months. Don’t get your hopes up though. My brain works in mysterious ways. :-)

  9. And the flippin’ Cubs are winning today. Yippee! Jeez, I should go back to bed — this day can’t get much better.

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