RNC Crossing!

The story that goes along with it, I was confused and thought it was near the RNC headquarters. Oops. Courtesy of The Raw Story.

The red-bordered triangular sign shows a scantily-clad woman, who is also carrying a handbag, in the city of Treviso in northern Italy. The sign states ‘Attenzione Prostitute’ – seemingly warning people of prostitutes in the area.

Motorists and pedestrians have complained that the sign is ‘confusing’, saying they don’t know if it means to watch out for crossing hookers or if it means prostitutes operate in the area.

One local Dino Vezino, 34, said: “I was driving in to work and saw this sign and had to slow down to get a proper look.

“I couldn’t believe it – the woman has a mini-skirt and high heels on and very big breasts.

“I just couldn’t work out what it was for?

“Does it mean I have to look out for prostitutes crossing or that they are available around here?”


Take That, Republicans!

Here is a part of President Obama’s speech yesterday in Portland, Maine. Republicans have to be reconsidering whether they want to run against the health care bill, if they have any brains left…..oh wait, nevermind.