What’s That Smell, Desperation?

Since the health care bill passed, there has been a stench in the air, it’s the smell of desperation. For the nutjobs, it’s manifested itself in death threats, armageddon, calling for a revolution and all sorts of crazy statements. For those conservatives that are less nutty (and I’m not sure there is much difference), it comes in the form of Maria Bartiromo foaming at the mouth on Morning Propoganda, John Boehner screaming “Hell no, you can’t” on the floor of the House of Representatives and other more subtle attempts at spinning it as a disaster waiting to happen. For the same reason, the Republicans tried every trick they could to stop the bill, they are now trying to pre-spin it as a disaster because they know that once it settles in and people see the reality of what was passed, it’s going to be pretty popular. The Republicans didn’t want to stop the bill because they really believe it is bad for America, they wanted to stop it because it is bad for their brand.

It’s been the law for just over a week, right? The President is out selling it and explaining it to the American people, trying to reprogram them from the vast amount of lies and misinformation that the Republicans, Firedoglake and the Teabaggers have been spreading for the last 6 to 8 months. It’s a tough job trying to get the truth out when the media is complicate in the misinformation, treating facts as just another opinion or an opposing viewpoint. And of course FOX just blatantly lies and is leading the pack of misinformation dogs. Fortunately the President has the bully pulpit and can get airtime and coverage whether the media is doing its job or not. It’s going to take some time to reprogram the brainwashed masses and many really don’t want to know the truth, they are happy in their little twisted worlds. These are the folks that cover their ears and go “la la la la la la la” because any information that might make them question their “truth” causes cognitive dissonance.

This desperation has led them to quickly take polls showing how much the “American people” don’t like the bill, before the president can get the truth out to them. They think by pushing the poll results, they can subtly affect the mood, the old bandwagon effect. Everyone is hating it so I guess I should too. That tactic works to an extent, but since the vast majority of people don’t watch the news and pay very little attention to the insider Washington game, I think it is a lot of effort for little effect. I think Mike Barnicle made the point on the Idiot Mika Show that the horserace questions in these polls are like trying to predict the winner of the World Series in spring training. I was surprised to hear those words come out of Barnicle, but even a dead clock is right twice a day.

I, for one, would not blame President Obama if he didn’t run again in 2012. Then all this prognosticating about his reelection and this or that poll showing the American people don’t think he deserves to be reelected would be for nothing. Cut them off at the knees. I really think that President Obama is not making decisions based on whether it will get him reelected and I love him for it. He should get as much done as possible and change the course of our country back to one of a caring, prosperous country for all people, not just the rich. The Bush administration did so much damage to every aspect of our country that there is still a lot of work to be done to fix it.


8 thoughts on “What’s That Smell, Desperation?

  1. Another great post, Jim.

    Maria Bartiromo’s best line yet – when “debating” healthcare with Anthony Weiner, she got so pissed about him pushing Medicare for all that she said ‘well, if you like Medicare so much, why don’t you get on it’. Let’s totally discount the fact that he is about 45 years old.

    I also believe that Obama is okay with not getting re-elected. I’m amazed the folks believe this is the be all-end all for his career. He is going to make TONS of loot in the private sector. Hell, if I were his wife, I would throw a right wing tantrum if he decided to run again. The aggravation just ain’t worth it. A very secure financial future and dumping the bullshit of Congress and D.C. up against a lifetime of ulcers, a trashed reputation and zero appreciation for what he is attempting to do for this country. I know which one I would chose.

  2. Yea, I saw that show where Anthony Weiner made her furious. She is so blatantly partisan and a corporate shill, she’ll lie and mislead with the best of Fox News. I can smell the desperation though the TV set.

    I think I would be happy to see Barack not run, give Hillary a chance, although I have issues with her and her campaign tactics from a couple years ago, I think it would be a classy move on his part. And he IS a classy guy.

  3. Hmmm, give Hillary a chance — I don’t know. When the campaign first began, I was totally neutral between four candidates. (Okay, here comes my political shame) I was looking at John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Hillary and Obama. I did this Excel table with their positions on the issues to help me figure stuff out. Huckabee really only had one thing going for him. He’s like the libertarians and want to dump the IRS. I’ll listen to anybody talking about getting rid of that group. With McCain, I really was remembering the McCain of old, and that guy was looking less and less like my memory – so got rid of him as a choice. Hillary’s biggest problem, at first, was her husband. I’m not the biggest Bill Clinton fan and actually thinks he is rather smarmy. In addition to that, they behaved as if she had been ordained to the presidency, and I really didn’t like that part. Then, HRC went straight nuts in her quest to win and the crazier she behaved, the cooler and more in control Obama looked. By the time Super Tuesday rolled around, I was just about fed up with BOTH Clintons and threw my support to Obama.

    I’m just not that forgiving of a person or forgetful of behavior. I trust her as SoS because Obama chose her and she has more than proven her value at that position. I’ve seen her under pressure though, and to me, it wasn’t a pretty sight. I don’t know if left to her own devices she is able to contain and control all the personal stuff. She’s kinda mean — not as mean as Sarah Palin and a hell of a lot smarter, but I don’t know if I trust her heart.

    The photoshop work is fantastic! At first glance, I didn’t recognize it as being shopped. I thought it was really him — just figured it had finally gotten to be too much. LOL With Bartiromo, I really couldn’t tell the difference. She looks like this all the time anyway.

  4. LOL about Bartiromo, I was a supporter of Obama before he even got in the race. I was one of the people who was clamoring for him to get in the race. Like I said before, I read his books after I saw his keynote address at the convention in 2004 and really liked the way he perceived things, I damn near agreed with everything he wrote.

    I’ve forgiven Hillary to some extent, but really after all the shit she said and did during the campaign, I probably couldn’t support her in a primary. I doubt she would run to be honest, who needs that shit anyway. Who else could step up if Obama decides to chill after 4 years. Biden? Anthony Weiner? I don’t know, but I think that a whole hell of a lot of people underestimate our president. And these negative polls are very warped.

  5. In my opinion, there is nobody right now behind Obama. I would like to see who Hamsher and her ilk would like slated. I don’t think Weiner can ever win. Same for anybody like him, so that kills Grayson’s chances too. Hell, he may be lucky just to make it back to the House. For Biden, I think this is the best it gets for him barring something happening to Obama. I don’t see a Democratic woman anywhere that can make even a semblance of a run. We’re back to business as usual as soon as Obama is done.

  6. I like my senator Debbie Stabenow, but I’m not sure she is charismatic enough to win the nomination. I’ll tell you who I really like as far as possible female candidate, but she would have to work her way up….Susan Rice. She is amazing. But probably way too smart to run for office.

    You’re right though, not many up and comers in the Democratic party right now. But Staci, don’t even think about voting for a Republican. :)

  7. The real laugh regarding HCR, is that the legislation that passed has been compared, to some extent, to the Huckabee plan. When one examines the record, and compares offerings included in the (hopefully not) final bill, the disingenuous nature of the rethugs becomes abundantly clear.

    This grandstanding has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility, or serving the interests of the body politic (not that the rethugs have a stellar track record on that point, their only interest is enriching their elite base), rather it is a full-on Reich-wing mission to cause any and all Democratic initiatives to fail. Kind of like Weimar Germany.

    I do enjoy watching Obama repeatedly bitch-slap the right; he seems to have taken the attitude of not caring about his chances at re-election. In fact, he called the rethugs on it during his venture into the snake pit, where he took the assembled mouthpieces of the party of HELL NO to school. His comment regarding the popularity, or lack thereof, for legislation has consequences, and they’re called elections.

    Kudos for standing up to these Neanderthals, essentially daring them to run on the ticket of “we want to put insurance companies back in the driver’s seat”.


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