What She Said!

Kay over at White Noise Insanity has it right, in my opinion. Go here to see her excellent site. Below is her take on Obama’s drilling announcement.

Okay, nobody panic about President Obama stating he will support offshore oil drilling. Instead, let’s think about this for a moment. The republicans will never go for this, because they don’t want America’s first black President to be the one to get offshore drilling, and President Obama knows this. I’m telling you right now….the campaign election season is going to be good! So far the republicans will be campaigning against the health care bill and then they will have to be against offshore oil drilling, because do they really want their constituents hearing them say, “We are with President Obama!”. Or maybe they’ll say, “Bad idea in offshore drilling! Stupid! President Obama is the worst president in the history of the nation if he says to drill baby drill!”. Too funny!

So don’t panic! I hope President Obama tries to put through all of the right wing agenda by election time just so they won’t have a damn thing to campaign on! Bah hahahahahahahaha!

I think the left needs to back up and look at the bigger picture. President Obama and David Plouffe are playing with the cards they were dealt, the party of no trying to block them at every stage. This is a new tactic to undermine the Republicans. Brilliant!


9 thoughts on “What She Said!

  1. As I said over at Cesca’s place — the hysterical fit throwing of the left is really wearing on my nerves. I used Radical Sham as an example, but truthfully, you could throw a slew of folks into the same category. She began the day with ‘Obama is selling us out to the oil industry’, and in under 10 hours she is now defending the decision and thinking it’s genius. When I turned on MSNBC this morning and first heard the words Obama and offshore drilling, I knew this would be a long day of histrionics.

  2. Yea, Staci, Bob Cesca even freaked a little at first. I’m not necessarily for drilling off-shore, but it has been done for a long time other places with not very many incidents.

    Even if the President is just being practical and allowing exploration off-shore to help alleviate our dependence on foreign oil, so what. Everyone is all upset about what MIGHT happen! A spill or some other effect on the environment, but it’s a big MIGHT, not a foregone conclusion. I guess if something does happen, then they can all say I told you so, but to get upset about the possible problems if an accident happens is kind of over-the-top in my opinion.

  3. Something ALWAYS happens, and you know what, it won’t mean jack shit for proving anybody’s point. As I said earlier, I have absolutely no idea on the effects of offshore drilling on either the environment or the economy, but I do trust Obama. I also trust that (1) he is much more tuned in than I am; (2) he is privy to information that I’ll never hear about; and (3) he is one person in D.C. that has consistently tried to do what is best for the country regardless of politics and polls. The hysteria on both sides is driving me nuts. It has always been my premise that it would be the left that would bring Obama down, not the right, and sadly I think this is coming to pass.

    You are absolutely right about Bob Cesca’s first response. He is fantastic. I love his site, but I think he needs a little time off right now. He had a couple episodes during the whole healthcare drama that had me a bit concerned as well. Jumping first and about half way down rethinking the whole reason for jumping and has an ‘oh shit’ moment. Fortunately, every time he hit the bottom there was water and he could swim his way out. Most days, he is the voice of reason, and he has kept me sane many days. Today just wasn’t one of those days.

  4. You are so right, Staci,on describing Bob. I remember when I rediscovered his blog, I had been reading his columns on Huffpost but hadn’t been to his site since the election, but I rediscovered it in the depths of the health care debate when I couldn’t take Aravosis, Huffington Post and Firedoglake anymore. Of course I was banned from all three of them for challenging their narrow self interests. But Bob Cesca was a breath of fresh air, I discovered Booman about the same time and White Noise Insanity and I realized I wasn’t alone in the progressive blogosphere.

    And you are also exactly right about President Obama, I posted over at Bob’s about how I read his books and he really isn’t like any other politician, it isn’t some act he’s putting on, or he’s just like the rest who ALL lie. I get called an Obot or Obamaton or whatever the hell else their little pea brains come up with (or is it pee brain) because I trust him, I voted for him and I’m giving him a chance. I haven’t been disappointed so far. I don’t have unreal expectations that he’s going to agree with me on everything.

  5. O/T — did you see Radical Sham’s reply on Bob’s blog. OMG, I’m killing myself laughing here. I do seem to have a tendency to piss those women off over there, which is sad because most of them I really like what they have to say.

    Maybe I should take some time off from these blogs. LOL

    Obama has a tough row to hoe. The insanity on the left is such that they don’t seem to see it. I cannot tell you how many times, beginning with the campaign way back in January of 08, that I thought Obama had really fucked up — he was letting the Clinton campaign get away with shit unscathed, he didn’t hit back enough; he let SP and John McCain get away with all sorts of goofy bullshit without calling them out. All of this stuff pissed me off. And, then he chose Hilary for SoS and I was absolutely convinced he was screwing up.

    There are lots of examples since then that Obama was right and the pundits, blogosphere, right wing, left wing, journalists and majority of the American public was flat out wrong. Look at the healthcare fight and how many folks bemoaned Obama’s efforts. These people swore on the lives of their children that Obama had sold everybody out and healthcare was dead and he wasn’t trying, and he had no passion, etc. In the end, you find out that Obama had over 100 meetings and phone calls during that year in trying to push this legislation. You think back and can count up at least a dozen speeches. Somehow, all of that got lost in the narrative that he did nothing, and the left bought into it hook, line and sinker. It turned out that he timed his visibility and fight perfectly. Now that it’s done, crickets on the apologies to the man for dragging him though the bullshit of their psychoses.

  6. The sentence I forgot to end paragraph 2:

    As it happens, I was wrong every time and Obama was right. I’m done second guessing the man.

  7. I’ve never pissed off anyone before. Really. :)
    Yea, Radical Sham was just one of thousands who overreacted, got all crazy and made dramatic statements. Doesn’t it seem like Drama is all the rage these days. I’m not a fan of drama.

    Pres O is pretty cool. I believe him when he says he doesn’t care if he gets reelected, he’s not in it to get reelected but to make a difference, change some shit. That makes me like him even more, but it also means he doesn’t bow to his “base”, whatever that is and then they kick and scream. I think he is really sincere when he says he doesn’t like liberal or conservative labels on ideas, if it’s good, it’s good. But the establishment get their toes stepped on and they yelp.

    Thanks for commenting, Staci.

  8. President Obama must have been so pleased in seeing John Boner speaking out against Obama’s idea of offshore drilling! :lol: I know I was.

  9. Got an idea. lets just shut down all the trucks. No more cars. shup down power plants. We could live on GREEN… stop eating meat. No more fast food. People really need to mind their own business and keep their NOSE out of mine…

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