What She Said!

Kay over at White Noise Insanity has it right, in my opinion. Go here to see her excellent site. Below is her take on Obama’s drilling announcement.

Okay, nobody panic about President Obama stating he will support offshore oil drilling. Instead, let’s think about this for a moment. The republicans will never go for this, because they don’t want America’s first black President to be the one to get offshore drilling, and President Obama knows this. I’m telling you right now….the campaign election season is going to be good! So far the republicans will be campaigning against the health care bill and then they will have to be against offshore oil drilling, because do they really want their constituents hearing them say, “We are with President Obama!”. Or maybe they’ll say, “Bad idea in offshore drilling! Stupid! President Obama is the worst president in the history of the nation if he says to drill baby drill!”. Too funny!

So don’t panic! I hope President Obama tries to put through all of the right wing agenda by election time just so they won’t have a damn thing to campaign on! Bah hahahahahahahaha!

I think the left needs to back up and look at the bigger picture. President Obama and David Plouffe are playing with the cards they were dealt, the party of no trying to block them at every stage. This is a new tactic to undermine the Republicans. Brilliant!