Morning Propoganda With Mika!

Wow, another Morning Joe that had a clear “propoganda agenda”… to equalize the hatred and rhetoric coming from the Republican leaders, trying to say that both sides are doing it. It just blows me away that there are so many defenders of violent extremists. Pat Buchanan did his part to justify it by reminding us all of the riots after the Rodney King verdict, hmmmm, why would he refer to that, which wasn’t a political issue, but rather a social justice issue. Why would he pit this primarily racial issue against what is going on today? What could be his reason, hmmmm?

Mika tried desperately to equate the death threat on Eric Cantor with all the violence and violent rhetoric coming from the right. She actually attempted to say it is worse, because she hasn’t heard the same type of threats from the right. WHAAAA? Did she miss the whole Stupak phone message story last week? Did she miss the fact that the nut who threatened Cantor also threatened Obama, Pelosi and Reid? Or did she conveniently forget those minor details in an effort to pretend like they all do it. I haven’t seen anything about that nut that says he is on the left, he appears to just be a nut.

Bob Cesca posted about this morning show too, here is a bit from it…

I can show you dozens of incidents on the right for every one incident on the left (I’m being generous). Find me an A-list politician on the left who is referring to Republicans using firearms lingo, as Sarah Palin has. Find me groups of protesters on the left who are waving racist banners, or carrying signs threatening gun violence. Find me someone on the left who has violently lashed out.

I heard a show on NPR, On Point, that took on this subject yesterday. The Republican defender of violence they had on was trying desperately to equate the rhetoric during the Bush years as similar to what’s going on today. He could only come up with a couple of instances, one being hanging Bush in effigy. Now how he equates a radical at a protest with an outrageous prop to the leaders of the Republican Party stoking violence, using weapons language, tyranny, armageddon, the end of freedom, reload, arm yourselves, rise up….this certainly is quite different than a protester carrying a crazy prop. The other example this guy had was the left calling Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld war criminals. If they shoe fits, wear it. The major difference here would be liberals were calling for investigations, you know, using the legal system to punish wrong doing. I don’t remember those crazy liberals calling for arming themselves or calling for insurrection. We mobilized voters and took over the congress in 2006 and the presidency in 2008. Of course the Republican response to that is to delegitimize his presidency, block every bill, use every procedure to stop anything from happening.

I have to believe that this tactic that the Republicans and their defenders are using is going to turn off a lot of moderates. It may play with the base who have bought the right wing bullshit from the talkers, but I doubt that all those moderate folks agree with them on this issue. Let’s hope they aren’t buying, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Morning Propoganda With Mika!

  1. Jim, the lunatics in the Reich-wing will never, ever, own up to the hornet’s nest they’ve been poking. Their sole defensive tactic is projection. I’ve long since given up any expectation that someone, anyone, on the right, or their fawning “media” circus, will show a crumb of decency or responsibility.

    It is my fervent hope that the voters in our country will see what these freaks have to (not) offer, and send their asses packing in November. This would also include “legislators” such as Bart Stupak, Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, et al.

    I am, however, a realist. Hope you’ll forgive me for not holding my breath.

  2. You go William, excellent comment as usual. (I assume you are the William from our friend Kay’s site, the awesome White Noise Insanity.)

    I’ve said it before, all the adults seem to have left the Republican Party, how else could they still have Michael Steele as their chair? I’m hopeful that David Plouffe will help in the midterms, I think he is really good at framing issues and exposing the right wingers.

    It is tough going up against such a well organized militia of Rush, Beck, Hannity, O’reilly, and all the other right wing radio nutjobs. But we liberals have to get back involved and help prevent ANY swing to the right next November, I say we don’t concede any race and fight them all to the finish.

  3. Yes Jim, I’m that William.

    I agree that we must be involved in trying to overcome the insidious noise machine of Faux “News”, Limpbag, etc. The task would not be nearly as difficult if we still had the Fairness Doctrine, but it was disposed of for the precise reason we are now discussing.

    I do my best on a local level, one mind at a time. Sadly, it has been my experience, that there are some people you just can’t reach. Those I simply bombard with the facts, when they pull out the well worn platitudes and GOP talking points. If nothing else, I derive pleasure from observing their minds go into overload.

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