Republican Violence In The Name of God!

The holier than thou Republicans are showing their true colors with their latest violent actions and rhetoric. Here is a clip from Countdown with Keith Olbermann, hosted by Larry O’Donnell.

What is wrong with this picture when people who supposedly value the “sanctity of life” hurl death threats and wish death upon people because of a vote to help mostly poor people get access to health care. Are these “good Christians” saying this shit? Religion in this country has become so bastardized, especially since they’ve infiltrated politics, that they actually seem to justify their violent actions and rhetoric with their religious beliefs. Gihad anyone? These are the real terrorists within our country. Let’s lock them up and waterboard them, give them a taste of their own medicine. Arghhhhhhhhh.


2 thoughts on “Republican Violence In The Name of God!

  1. Thanks for posting this. I always enjoy Barney Frank’s down to earth and to the point comments on any topic. I would like to know how to save this interview. I’ve added this website to my Favorites list but not sure that will save this interview, as I assume this website changes frequently. If someone can tell me how to save a You Tube video like this I would appreciate it.

  2. No problem, here is the link to the Youtube clip, if you just go to Edit/Copy and then in your browser, paste it into the address line, you can then bookmark the clip like a web page. I hope I’m not talking down to you, but that’s how I would save it. The other thing you could do is download the program Mpeg Streamclip (free), go to file/open URL and then paste the link in the box that comes up. It will then allow you to actually save it to your computer if you want. Now there are some issues that might come up, and depending on if you are on a Mac or PC, it may be easier or harder.

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