Rachel Maddow’s Excellent Piece on Republican Violence!


17 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow’s Excellent Piece on Republican Violence!

  1. She has her moments when she goes off in a strange direction on some issues, but I think she takes on issues that others won’t. And she does back up her statements….a rarity these days in the media.

  2. It really is very sad that it is the liberals that are calling for death, so sad that people who ‘act’ non-violent are inciting it- so sad.

    Im so glad I left the liberals, when I was….16.. you know, you grow up and get a life, stop toking on the MJ…
    Im sure you know what Im talking about, Have a PEACEFUL day :D

  3. They very much have been, Mike Malloy calling for deaths, On Tabithas Blog:
    http://AMERICAN Hero:TabithaHale.com/?p=2592
    A liberal called in and said, “We will fight you for this healthbill to the DEATH”
    Yesterday, liberals threw eggs at a Tea Partiers Bus.
    Now, Shultz, the radio talk show hosts is seeking to SILENCE Conservative Radio Talk show hosts with the fairness doctrine.

    I dont know how old you are, but liberals are OK in my book, it is the far left radicals that are maniacal. I have lived through their so called ‘protests’ they are VERY violent.

  4. http://tabithahale.com/?p=2592
    That will probably work better;

    “We will be fighting you to the death.”

    “I’m so glad that I saw Rachel Maddow. She’s brilliant. She’s absolutely fantastic. And her diagnosis of the ills of the American right are so right on. I mean, basically, what you’re doing is just saying no. You’re like belligerent children. You have no concept of how hard people have worked to get this together, and to make sure that we win. We WILL win, and will continue. That’s why Obama got elected.”

    I HOPE that you do NOT condone this terrible shocking behavior.

  5. BTW, I am NOT a GOP/Repub. I am an independent and have been since 2003. No, I didnt vote Bush 2x. I was a liberal in my 20’s.

    You should know that, by nature, conservatives are quite sheepish people, they are Christians, they are NON- violent.

    I don’t know where Maddow gets this information. It is exclusive to republicans? Why is that? I know the difference between a far leftist and a liberal. Why doesn’t Maddow? When your party is in power, it is humility that must be exercised. Bush pushed that attribute with making the Patriot Act “Law” which the left saw as fascistic. I dont agree that Bush was a ‘fascist’ he is WEAK. Weakness does not a fascist make.

    The GOP has not been in power in the house since 2007, but the far left acts like they still are in power. It is time to wake up. Only far left needs to WAKE UP, they are pushing and pushing people, and Obama only cares what the FAR LEFT wants, that is BAD for America. A President is supposed to be president of ALL the people.

    Most conservatives ARE liberal in being charitable with people. They just dont believe that their money should be taxed and taken.

  6. Who is Tabitha Hale? If you want to cherry pick one anonymous call or whatever, great. There are radicals of all political beliefs, but they haven’t made it into the mainstream like the Tea Partiers or the Militias who are calling for armed resistance. Democrats are pacifists for the most part, so trying to paint us all as violent radicals is a very hard task. You can try, but good luck with that.

  7. Were those Christians calling Bart Stupak and wishing he bleeds from his ass and dies of cancer? They were “Pro Life” people right? Wishing death upon a human being and claiming to be pro life. Funny stuff.

    I know a lot of Christians who are good democrats, contrary to popular belief, many Christians actually care about their fellow man…ask the nuns who came out for the health care bill….those radical nuns. :) So Republicans try to claim ownership of Christianity, but you know what, when I read the Bible I didn’t see anything about torturing being OK, or how the rich are the chosen ones, or how every man for himself is the best policy for Christians to follow.

    YOu are so wrong about Obama caring about the far left, I’m one of them, let me tell you that he is a moderate. And I base it on having read his two books and actually listening to what he says and the policies that he promotes, not the Rush or Glenn version of Obama…..they are trying to get ratings and lie hundreds of times per day.

    For not being a GOP/Repub, you sure do have down their line of bullshit down pretty good.

  8. For not being a GOP/Repub, you sure do have down their line of bullshit down pretty good.

    Well, I tried, have a nice life.

  9. “You should know that, by nature, conservatives are quite sheepish people, they are Christians, they are NON- violent.”

    Now that’s some funny shit. I guess you could say that if you don’t include a whole lot of conservatives, like maybe 60% of them or more. I could whip out some polls, but I hate them so I won’t, that show a lot of support among conservatives for oh,…..waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and all sorts of other great torture techniques…non violent?

    And those excellent conservatives who started a war of choice, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage….and then all the supporters of the unpaid for war (now you want to talk about fascism), Rush Limbaugh, Bill Krystal, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, yata yata..

    Nothing violent about war, huh? So like I said, I’m glad you might know a few conservatives that aren’t like that, but damn it the ones in charge of the conservative party, the Repubs, are very violent and support it in every way. From torture, to war, to the death penalty, to forming militias, to storming the secretary of states office in Florida in 2000, to carrying signs telling people to arm themselves, to inflamed rhetoric, to death threats to congresspeople, to bricks going through windows….jeez, no violence in them there conservative circles.

    Don’t call yourself an independent unless you really are. Peace, Love and Understanding to you and your family.

  10. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage
    Just one more thing;
    Those traitors above that you mentioned were NEVER conservatives.
    And, also as a Jew, I dont like to have to ‘prove’ who I am by an iquisition. Anybody that knows what a conservative is, knows that we are NON violent.
    The eggs were thrown AT US, not the vc versa.

  11. They were “neo” conservatives and unfortunately for those who call themselves conservative, they snatched away that conservative label. I guess it’s a matter of semantics, if I were you, I’d find some other label if you want to stand for non-violence because the “conservatives” of the last 10 years were vicious, blood thirsty, money grubbing, torturing bastards.

    Your rhetoric above shows how you feel. No one has asked you to prove yourself or put you through an inquisition. And simply by saying “anyone who knows what a conservative is, knows they are non-violent”, well that’s just ignoring the shitloads of people who are violent who claim the conservative brand. Sorry about that.

  12. I wouldn’t shed a tear if the right wing dies a slow painful death
    Thank you, you prove my point. Nice to ‘wish slow, painful death’ to fellow Americans.

    If people WANT to know the truth about the extreme radical left wing, x-radical Horowitz tells it.

  13. did you miss the rest of Kay’s sentence….at election time this year?

    Horowitz is a freaking nut, out of his fucking mind. Too many drugs in the 60’s or something, but his rantings are so crazy that no one even pays attention to him, except maybe you themadjewess.

  14. that no one even pays attention to him, except maybe you themadjewess.

    his book the radical son shows the violence of the left and what they will do and have done in America to ‘get the masses to be violent against each-other’

    well, I tried again, it never works. I tried.
    shalom again, wishing death is wishing death. Nuf sed.

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