Republicans Grasping for Straws!

We got a preview on Morning Joke today about how the Republicans and Lawrence O’Donnell (who is bitter that he couldn’t get HCR passed during the Clinton years) think they can still kill the bill. It is based on the rule regarding reconciliation where it can’t have an impact on Social Security. Well, apparently the boneheads think that because people’s health care insurance premiums will go down, they may actually get a raise in their incomes and therefore will pay more FICA taxes. That is one flimsy connection between the bill and Social Security. Heaven forbid people’s incomes would go up, I’m sure they would rather their incomes stay flat just so they don’t have to pay more FICA. :)  Now I guess the tea partiers may go for that reasoning, but I tend to doubt that the parliamentarian in the Senate will. And even if he does go for it, Vice President Biden has the final say on the matter. Lawrence likes to throw out, but it has never happened in the history of the Senate……there’s no time like the present, right. This health care battle has revealed all sorts of “it never has happened” and I really doubt that the administration is going to let a minor detail or a senate rule derail this bill now. Onward!


13 thoughts on “Republicans Grasping for Straws!

  1. Jeez, Jim, I thought I was the only one that thought O’Donnell was bitter. He was one of the first to declare healthcare reform dead last August. I actually thought he seemed rather gleeful when he was reporting that particular meme. He was “mark my words” sure that the Obama administration would fail just as the Clinton administration had done.

  2. Yea, Lawrence is a good guy to have on your team sometimes, but his ego is about as big as they come. I have to give credit to Roberta in Texas for making the connection for me into why Lawrence was so sure the democrats would fail…..he was the Chief of Staff of the Senate Finance Committee when the Clinton’s attempt at HCR failed. Hmmmmm, why would he have such a strong opinion on the process….he couldn’t get it done himself and surely no one else could ever do it.

  3. He said, I believe on Chris Matthews show back in August, that he could see no pathway to healthcare becoming law because the Obama administration was in the exact same place that the Clinton’s got stuck at and there was no way out. Again, to me he seemed kinda gleeful AND since he made this observation, the closer healthcare got to being dead, the happier he seemed and conversely, the closer the Dems got to getting a bill, they more critical he was of the legislation. If you’ll notice, he’s doing a much better job of taking down any jubilation we may be feeling from passage of this bill than the Republicans have done in over a year of bullshit. They were really a bit stupid in that O’Donnell has been trying to help them since about December, but they’re so obstinate and obtuse they wouldn’t listen — maybe since he’s a Democrat — but lucky for us because O’Donnell really does have the right narrative that would have blown this bill out of the water had the Republicans used it.

  4. O’Donnell was a little less cynical on Olberman’s show. I wonder if the West Wing went to his head :) I think a lot of this still has to do with Obama being a Black President. In may I will be chaning my name to Roberta from MN. Moving back to the sane state now that PawPaw won’t be running again.

  5. Republicans are idiots, there may be a few who aren’t but they have no voice. Every day seems to bring more idiocy, they are appealing to the stupid masses, the brainwashed Ditto heads, the Beck army, the Palin droolers….I’m not sure there are enough of those for them to win elections with, if I were a republican I wouldn’t admit it. We are living in a Twilight Zone episode, I swear.

  6. Agreed, Roberta. O’Donnell does use different rhetoric when he is doing Keith’s show vs. hanging with the MJ crowd. It’s something about that show that brings out the worse in the democrats that appear on there (I could choke Harold Ford, Jr.). My problem is that I trusted O’Donnell’s take on a situation so much before he “went rogue” and got his personal feelings all involved. Now, I view him with the same slant I have for the CNN crowd, and that’s a bummer.

  7. I view O’Donnell as a hack and looking for another West Wing. Only thing I think he is doing that LIVE. Maybe he is helping to wright another sequel.LOL.

  8. Like I put in a previous post, he was chief of staff of the Senate Finance Committee for 2 years, but he acts like he wrote the constitution. I’ve certainly seen him do good stuff for democrats, but he clearly has delusions of grandeur.

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