Great Description of the Current Republican Party

From Steven Weber over at Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog, go read the whole thing, it’s pretty short. Here is my favorite passage.

It must be a nightmare, clinging to beliefs that are regularly refuted by empirical facts, embracing myths of a country which only exists in the febrile Right Wing imagination, cringing in fear of contrived boogie men and having the world look upon you with a mixture of amusement and pity.

Because that is the reality of being a Republican today.

In order to maintain a semblance of relevance, a Republican must ignore the haunting truth behind their desperately embraced identity: fear of becoming obsolete in an increasingly progressive world. Clinging to those dependable dinosaurs Guns and Religion (as well as dinosaurs themselves—the ones that walked the earth 6000 years ago) the modern Republican party is a veritable curiosity shop of bygone beliefs, the kitsch without the cute.


One thought on “Great Description of the Current Republican Party

  1. Bah hahahahaha! The republicans are a mess. They don’t know it though because they’re too busy pointing fingers at everyone else for doing what they did and haven’t done!

    Have they grabbed a mop yet to start cleaning up their mess? Nope!

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