Morning Propoganda with Joe

Every morning I torture myself by watching Morning Joe while I drink coffee and shake out the cobwebs. It helps to get my blood flowing in the morning, sometimes it gets it flowing better than others. This morning they dedicated almost an hour to bashing the health care bill. They had Jim Cramer on to spew his fear of tax increases and big government. Lawrence O’Donnnell then joined the group and although being a democrat, Lawerence is the know-it-all kid on the block who worked for a Senate committee for ohhhhhhh, 2 years…and therefore considers himself the leading authority on how the Senate works. 2 whole years as a staffer on the Finance Committee…, that’s a long time. For a while, we had Joe Scarborough who is an EXPERT on the House of Representatives because he served for ohhhhhhhhh, 6 years and then stepped down abruptly, which I’m sure had nothing to do with the intern that was found dead in his Florida office, suspicious circumstances for sure. Google it if you are curious.

Lawrence is Mr. Senate Procedure guy after working for the Senate for, did I mention 2 years. He claims that the Democrats are pulling something that is unprecedented and is the lone voice saying it’s not going to work, moving from conference to reconciliation mid-bill. The thing that sticks out to me as being unprecedented is the way the Republicans have been stalling our government, stopping every single thing that is attempted, even things they agree with. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented maneuvers. From what I’ve read and heard, the way the dems are going is well within the rules of the Senate, just like all the crap the Repugs are pulling. Two can play that game and when you are in the majority, you have an advantage in the game.

Joe Scarborough, who loves to cut off Lawrence when he’s defending people’s rights, but when he’s helping Joe pimp his conservative storyline, he lets Lawrence ramble on and on and you can just tell that Larry loves that spotlight on him. Larry loves to be the lone voice within the party, bucking the party and going rogue with his very narrow opinions. If I had time, I would dig up some of his previous pronouncements that never came true. But it is very revealing about Joe S. that he lets Larry go when he agrees with him, cuts him off and calls him crazy when he doesn’t. Gotta love propoganda in the morning, heh?


6 thoughts on “Morning Propoganda with Joe

  1. I didn’t watch Joe S this am. But I find that when O’
    Donnell is on he really bashes the Health Care Bill. It’s almost like he is upset that it has gotten this far and it wasn’t done on Clinton’s and his watch. He was a strong supporter of Hillary. Sometimes I want to just shout at that guy. I don’t watch Olberman’s show since Keith has been off because of Lawrence. Yuk. I really like your posts along with Booman and The Field at Narco News. Al is great and really puts things in perspective. I saw some junk by Hamsher this morning, I think she has gone off the deep end.

  2. Is there a problem with downloading a comment. I wrote one this morning and it showed this afternoon but didn’t post.

  3. I’m sorry Roberta, Tuesdays are my busy busy days and I didn’t get a chance to check incoming comments. It went in the spam catcher for some reason. Sorry. :)

  4. I’ll have to go look for the Hamsher stuff, you know me. :)
    I still watch Lawrence on Keith’s show, because he doesn’t only talk about health care. I think you are right that is bitter about not being able to get it passed when he was Chief of Staff of the Finance Committee. I hadn’t connected that as a reason why he is so against this one passing.

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