What Is Harold Ford Jr. Smoking, Anyway?

I can’t believe Harold Ford Jr. thinks the president should have worked harder to get a bi-partisan health care bill. What planet has he been on for the last year? He went on and on this morning on Morning Joke about it. To her credit, Savannah Guthrie schooled him on just how much they tried to reach out to the Republicans, way too much in my opinion. Is Harold Ford Jr. now angling to run for governor of New York? If he thinks he can get elected, he better head back south where democrats are conservative.


3 thoughts on “What Is Harold Ford Jr. Smoking, Anyway?

  1. I’ve watched him on Morning Joe and I never could figure out where he was coming from. But he makes my skin crawl everytime I see him on the tubes. He reminds me of a snake oil salesman. Have I got a deal for you. :)

  2. Hey Roberta,
    He is a yes man when it comes to Scarborough. I hardly ever hear Harold challenge anything Scarborough says no matter how outrageous or right wing. He has no spine and like you said, is like a snake oil salesman. :)

  3. Harold Ford Jr. walks around like he’s superior to everyone else, you know, like a republican! I wished he would just switch parties and get it over with!

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