Gotta Love Rep. Anthony Weiner, No One Says It Better!

I just have to weigh in on the great moment on the floor of the House of Representatives today. Anthony Weiner from New York, told the truth.  Here is the clip.

Man I wish I had a representative like that, we have the one and only Peter Hoekstra here in west Michigan, cough. My friend Kay in Maine from White Noise Insanity turned me on to this clip that goes to the heart of the health care issue, watch it!!!!! I’m telling you!

Now that’s a good liberal.

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6 thoughts on “Gotta Love Rep. Anthony Weiner, No One Says It Better!

  1. Something Rep. Anthony Weiner (New York, 9th District) said in the first video really caught my ear. Rep. Weiner said “There are inequities in the present way we distrubitute insurance. The way we distribute health care.”

    Was Rep. Weiner referring to the inequities between his US taxpayer subsidized insurance and health care and that of the average US resident?

    Our politicians are the modern day Bourgeoisie.

  2. He’s a lovely single-payer progressive liberal! Love that man with every ounce of my being!

    According to Chicken Doofus, it’s okay for those living on $40,000/year and feeding 3 children to not be able to afford health insurance, because he believes these people should instead die or end up in the hospital with a large bill where they’ll lose their home over!

    That is one inequity of the current health care system.


  3. Conservatives really don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and CEO’s, apparently. I’m for single payer, and for you republitards, that’s single PAYER, not government control or government run. People’s health should not be a profit making venture, plain and simple.

  4. Single payer would probably be a big improvement over what we have now if you could find someone competent to run it.

    If, as you propose Jim, it is not government run and it is not government controlled who will run it? One of our current insurance companies? A new insurance company?

    I know a few physicians who say single payer looks good on paper. The caveat they add is that the only organization large enough to run something of that scale is the US government.

    If we could figure a way of keeping the government out of it we could all live happily ever after.

  5. Just let all health insurance companies do business in every state. Everyone will be happy, except Progressives of course.

  6. Sure, that will fix everything Thoth. There are lots of problems with that idea, lots of state laws that mandate on coverage. If someone has a problem with a claim and lives in a different state than their carrier, what sort of legal standing do they have in that other state? And how will that really help people get health insurance.

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