photo of the day

Shot by Extreme Liberal in the side yard

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5 thoughts on “photo of the day

  1. That’s a Red-headed Woodpecker. They are often heard but not seen very often. I also have a shot of a pileated woodpecker which is a pretty large bird, kind of has a red flat top. :)

  2. He’s a patriotic woodpecker! I’ve never seen a bird in our parts colored like this little guy. Love him! We have the big red-headed woodpeckers up here (a rare sight) and the speckled woodpecker (we have many behind my house!)….

  3. We have plenty of speckled woodpeckers in our backyard. They’re cute little guys and will annoyingly peck on a limb just for a reaction from me. Swear! LOL I used to take in rescue parrots (they came to me with no feathers! Horrible!) and I know THAT look a bird gives when they’re looking for a reaction. The woodpecker will peck, peck, peck at 10 feet from me and then will stop, tilt it’s head, and listen. Brats!

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