Friday Night Tunes!

Here are a few videos via Sikkdays, he has lots of good stuff, go there and take a break from the politics. The first is an incredible note for note rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, if you like the song you have to see this.

This is a nice little tune that I’ve never heard before. I likey!

Here is another nice little tune and a well done video too, it’s from a music video contest. It’s friday night, have some fun.


7 thoughts on “Friday Night Tunes!

  1. Thanks for helping me close out my week with a smile. They’re all good but that guy at the top what’s up with him. How big is he that he makes that guitar look so very small?


  2. Awwww, Chicken Hammer loves him some male lefty music! So cute Chicken Dumbo. I can’t wait to tell all your friends! They’ll most likely laugh, chuckle, and then shoot you in the temple! :lol:

    I hate you. There! Now you ninnies can say I spoke to a troll on Jim’s blog directly now!

  3. You’re also banned from my blog (along with your underwear…Atlanta Ralph). I love how you go to another liberal’s blog instead of going to the dungeon called RedState or Michelle Malkin’s blog! What’s the matter? Is the RNC paying you to go after liberals and this is why you go from one to the next?

  4. Like I said in a previous post, CH is playing games. He’s trying to piss you off Kay, playing games with me too. It gives me an opportunity to smack down republican ideas, so I go with it.

  5. Hey, glad you were digging the videos. I just added ExtremeLiberal to the Friends section of the blogroll at So, expect more trolls. :)

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