Rewriting Kennedy History – Stop The Smears!

Check out this clip from Brave New Films and sign this petition. Many years ago I became fascinated with John F. Kennedy and read about a dozen books about him. They ranged from insider accounts to critics to assassination theories and the picture it painted of John F. Kennedy was of a decent, caring and thoughtful person. He certainly had his vices which have been revealed plenty over the years by those who would venture to tarnish his legacy. It’s one thing to produce a slanted, smear job on someone and try to sell it to the masses, but the History Channel should really reconsider whether they want to “go there” with this hit piece on one of our country’s most beloved presidents. I for one will show my protest by not watching that network anymore. I won’t really miss their “old west” docudrama’s narrated by Kenny Rogers anyway.


8 thoughts on “Rewriting Kennedy History – Stop The Smears!

  1. The CREDO mailing list included this story. I don’t watch enough History Channel to form an informed opinion but this is the first time I’ve heard the History Channel accused of bias.

  2. I know a guy who works for the History Channel and he basically said that they have shifted their focus in recent years to showing more of the “True Hollywood Stories” type of programming. They are getting more sensational and showing less traditional documentaries and educational stuff. I suspect they are going for ratings, Joel Surnow is the co-creator and exec producer of “24” and I suspect he’ll draw a good audience for them. I wonder if their sponsors anticipated this type of outcry. Apparently Joel is a good buddy of Rush Limbaugh, say no more.

  3. The right wingers are horrible when it comes to any Kennedy. I’m sick of it personally. I’ll never forget a few years ago on Americablog. We were talking about the Kennedys and the right wingers were up to their usual hate. I asked them how they would feel if they had to see their most favorite president having his head blown off every time there was a documentary done on him. I expressed my rage at how it’s absolutely disgusting that we Democrats have to see that image….ever. Well, “someone” must have been reading Ablog that day because if you’ve noticed…JFK’s head being blown to bits is no longer shown on our televisions! I’ve not seen it and I’ve watched plenty of his documentaries since then and the editors cut off the film before that horrific moment.

    My grandmother absolutely adored JFK. She had a picture of him in her home. When she died, she didn’t have much to her name (she was poor), but we all gathered around my mother’s bed to go over her personal effects for us to take as a keepsake. I took two things: the picture of JFK and her American flag earings and pin (fake jewels) that she wore every 4th of July. I cherish them all!

  4. The History Channel should be renamed as the Rewrite History Channel. Their bias and rewriting of history doesn’t end with the Kennedy’s. Almost all of their “documentaries” are this way! Especially the ones they do on the bible. It’s disgusting to watch. I take their shows with a grain of salt. For years now they’ve tarnished history and just like right wingers do, they give themselves a nice title (History Channel/History International) in the hopes people will believe they really are that way (giving us history!).

  5. Thanks Kay for the touching story. I was only 1 year old when Kennedy was shot, but I remember the stories and fondness for him that permeated my home when I was growing up. Times were much different back then, people were more respectful of our leaders and of course, our leaders deserved a lot more respect then too. I really think that George W. Bush’s presidency has perverted our sense of decency towards one another, he’s fucked things up in so many ways and the effects will be felt for many years. I know I didn’t have an ounce of respect for him, he didn’t deserve it by his actions.

  6. Exactly right Jim. George W. Bush allowed the hate to fester in this country. He ignored everything except the financial transaction he created in Iraq. I will never forgive him for allowing liberals to blamed for 9/11 happening! I seriously hate that mofo and if he died tomorrow I wouldn’t shed a tear.

  7. When I read or hear stuff about Haliburton, Blackwater and Bechtel getting all that “taxpayer” money, I get so fucking pissed. For what? Billions of dollars….approaching a trillion right, 962,000,000,000. That money could be used for oh, I bet we could think of a few things that were underfunded, in need of funding, maybe create a job or two? Some tax breaks for like 95% of the lowest wage earners…like me. Why would voting republicans support their own tax dollars going to 4 companies, huge sums of money. Unreal….

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