Huffpo Loves Photos That Make The President Look Bad!

Isn’t that a lovely photo, what could possibly be their reason for showing such a nasty photo of our president?  Here are a few I took in Grand Rapids, Michigan… cleanse the pallet after Arianna’s smear photo.

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The Constitution, What A Concept!

If you haven’t seen this clip with Chris Hayes from the Nation making an appearance on Morning Joke by Corporate Coffee, check it out. I don’t think Chris will be asked back anytime soon, he didn’t fit with their narrative. He was awesome. And to get my Arianna Huffington stab in, Mort Zuckerman is also on the panel who was dating Arianna recently. He’s one of the Obama haters who Joe loves to have on to help him bash the president. He’s a supposed liberal, yeah right. Watch how he sides with the right wing on the rule of law, he seems to bend his ideology when it means he can bash Obama.