Arianna’s Buddy Joe Scarborough Fails At Spinning the Bonus Story!

Funny stuff this morning on Morning Joe when Scarborough tried to spin the bonuses story while talking to Maria Bartiromo. Joe was trying to spin it to damage the president on his left while Maria kept spinning it back in his face that the president is anti-business. It was quite the spin job, back and forth, almost like playing tether ball, remember that game? So once again, we find Joe Scarborough, that flaming liberal, siding with the Arianna crowd. Joe will put on sheep’s clothing any time of the day if it means he can hurt the president.

Now he has Elizabeth Warren on who is very smart and very far to the left when it comes to how to reign in Wall Street, she is a champion of the left these days for her views. She’s making a new career out of her outrage at Wall Street, which is really well deserved, but until we switch from capitalism to socialism, yeah right, most of this outrage and populism on the left is a lot of wasted energy. If these folks who are screaming and yelling would just come right out and say they are socialists, then we can have that debate. Even though I am an extreme liberal, I don’t think socialism in the extreme works.

Up until about 30 years ago, America had a pretty well balanced system of capitalism with controls, regulations to help the common man when big businesses overreached. With the Reagan revolution in the 1980’s, the balance in our system tilted in the other direction and then of course in the last administration, it was taken to a whole different level. That’s why the pendulum has swung so far back to the left and there is so much hatred for corporations and businesses in general. It’s almost like the far left (and some are just posers, Huffington and Hamsher, I’m looking at you) thinks that the general population has all of a sudden become socialist. Or at least in their fantasy world, they believe that. Sometimes I think the whiners and haters want Obama to fall on his sword for the movement. Go balls to the wall to the left, even if it means not passing anything, not getting reelected in 2012 and a return to Republicans controlling the government. That will show them.


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