Lazy Journalists = Recycled Stories!

I saw a reference to this article (behind a firewall, sorry) from the Financial Times this morning talking about President Obama’s inner circle, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarret and Robert Gibbs. It insinuated that the president is insulated, gets advice from only this small group and of course, how horrible Rahm Emanuel is to work for.  My first thought was, haven’t I seen this article before……like with every damn president in the last 30 years. It’s like they just changed the names and hit print. I’ve never taken these stories too seriously, even with ole’ Bushie Boy, because is just makes sense to me that you would have a small group of trusted advisors. What’s the big deal. I guess if you are the one whining to the reporter because you aren’t one of the trusted advisors, then it might be a big deal. But as far as presidents go, this isn’t that unusual. So I thought to myself, how is The Huffington Post going to spin this one, so I go over there and what do they have but a screaming sensational headline…….

Of course it has a question mark, just like the National Enquirer would have…..they’re just asking, you know? I’m not sure how long that screaming headline was up, but about 20 minutes later I went back to Huffington and it was gone. I clicked on the Politics tab and found this.

Now this lasted a while longer, in the time it took me to travel to work (about an hour), this one was gone. Is this what they call “Hit and Run” journalism? It went from a “Bubble” story to a “Chicago Problem.” Now the story resides on the side bar of the site under “most popular”, so they say. Here is the article that Steve Clemons wrote about the article in the Financial Times and here is a screen grab from that page.

So really, this story had several “teases” to get you to read it, blazing across the front page of HP and then the Politics tab of HP and it now resides mixed somewhere in with the Chinese woman who wants to look like Jessica Alba through plastic surgery and Anne Hathaway stripping for British GQ (and she doesn’t really strip either, I had to look for research purposes). Steve Clemons uses the Financial Times piece to paint Obama and his team as Chicago politicians, ruthless, short tempered, you know the Rahm effect. From all accounts, Rahm is a bull in a china shop when it comes to his bedside manner. And I presume he’s been rude to all these journalists who like to trash him every time they have a chance. But really, who cares other than the Washington insiders and those who are searching for the next reason to trash the president.