3 thoughts on ““Now Is The Time” To Pass Health Care – President Obama

  1. I never did count him out. And the post in W,E,E, is right on. I’m 68 and worked for Obama’s election and will work for him again(God) willing. Going to Minnesota for 6 months in May, to the normal people. Texas is a little scarey.LOL
    I sure would like to see some Dems with a little back bone, but then I think They just may surprise us in the near future. I can only hope and pray they do.
    Thanks for your posts. Love em.

  2. Thanks Roberta. I think the dems have something up their sleeve, I think we might get a surprise with the health reform bill soon. But considering it takes some guts by the democrats in the senate and house, I’m not holding my breath.

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