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Question Time, There’s Nothing Like The First Time!

I loved the question time last friday, it was one of those events that doesn’t happen very often. What was so great about it was it looked like the Republicans weren’t expecting what they got, they were back on their heals. But I tend to agree with Bob Cesca that if it were to be formalized, it would turn into a side show.

On one hand, I think Question Time is an outstanding idea, and it needs to happen on a regular basis.

The problem is that if it becomes a formalized political event, it’s so easy for it to become staged and structured. Questions and answers negotiated in advance. Lights, buzzers and fancy-shmancy stage sets. Time limits. In short: everything bad about TV debates and town halls.

In other words, the effort to formalize Question Time sessions might actually kill the efficacy of Question Time.

I’m sure the Republicans would figure out a way to bastardize the process and give the public another reason to be cynical. I also don’t expect the Republicans to agree to anything, I can’t imagine they like having their asses kicked.

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“Now Is The Time” To Pass Health Care – President Obama

I’m not counting this President out yet, and you’d be a fool to bet against him.

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Two Good Liberals, Gotta Love It!

Jon Stewart and Anthony Weiner were roommates after college, they both went on to have some success. This clip is great, it includes a Joe LIEberman smack down, how could it be bad?

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