Arianna Huffington Is A Republican, Folks?

I was torturing myself this morning as usual and watching Morning Starbucks with Joe and Mika. Arianna Huffington was on with them, apparently she hosted a party for Mika’s book last night with the Hollywood folks, she is kind of the west coast’s Sally Quinn. I watched as Joe and Arianna agreed on damn near everything, it inspired me to write this post about the transformation of The Huffington Post from being a Bush bashing blog to an Obama bashing blog.

I remember vividly when Arianna Huffington broke with the Bush/Cheney Republican Party, I saw a speech that she gave on C-SPAN and thought, wow, a Republican criticizing a fellow Republican. She then turned it into a business by launching The Huffington Post blog and news site. She seemed rather good at attacking Bush and drew many progressives to her site for that reason. I have to admit, I was a regular reader during the Bush/Cheney years and it continued until several months ago when the transition from attacking Bush to attacking Obama occurred. It was a gradual process that has now taken full bloom. In a recent post by Arianna, she interprets the president’s State of the Union address through her veil of cynicism and her true conservative beliefs are coming into display again. Here is a piece from her post…

But judging from the speech, he also spent a lot of time going over the results of focus groups and polls. Indeed, the speech, despite its charm, humor, and occasionally impassioned rhetoric, had the feel of being focus-grouped within an inch of its life. There was a decidedly paint-by-poll-numbers air about it.

Ah, so he doesn’t really believe anything he said, he’s just saying what a poll says he should say. She somehow then jumps into blaming Obama for the two wars that he inherited and is trying to clean up. It’s like she’s just swapped out Obama’s name with Bush’s, because they are soooooo similar, aren’t they? She then goes on to write this….

The president’s Pander-palooza continued with the middle class-friendly initiatives he announced on Monday and touched on again during the SOTFG (State of the Focus Group).

Oh no, not middle class-friendly initiatives, that must be pandering. It’s so fucking easy to be cynical about everything, it can’t possibly be that he cares about the middle class.  She then blames the whole bailout of the banks on Obama, even though I seem to remember that it was a Bush administration proposal, before President Obama even took office. Remember, the sky was falling, pensions were at risk, life savings at risk, the housing market was about to collapse, the stock market…..great depression….oh nooooooooooo. So our new president did what everyone told him had to be done and bailed out the banks. Almost all of that money has been paid back, but somehow that fact eludes the people who want to attack the president, convenient amnesia.

When are the democrats and real progressives going to call out the Arianna Huffington’s, the Jane Hamsher’s and the Cenk Uygur’s on their undermining of progressive causes? When are we going to stop playing footsie with those who want to bring down our democratic president who is fighting against the new 41 seat majority of Republicans? When are we going to take a look at these folks as the turncoats that they are? I’m going to keep hammering them.

15 thoughts on “Arianna Huffington Is A Republican, Folks?

  1. I have gotten so I don’t log onto to her sight much anymore. I thought I was the only one that noticed how far right her blog has become. If she wants to be that way fine, but she also is changing how her headlines are and who she has on to blog. I don’t go on FDL anymore eight except to get the Sunday Blather lineup. I now go to you rsight and Booman’s and still Digby. She goes off once in awhile but she is more even handed when she does. So thank you for your articles fun to read. Do you have another recommend sites.?

  2. Hey Robert,
    I was looking for a photo to put up for this post and came across all sorts of info about her that I didn’t know. I may do more on her. For example, she was a Newt Gingrich person and supported the Contract with America back in the 90’s. Apparently she has quite a nice lifestyle, flies around on private jets, hangs out with the Hollywood crowd and has many assistants who are at her beck and call, even working in her home.

    As far as blogs I like, my blog roll has the ones I love. I’m very fond of WhiteNoiseInsanity and the folks who comment there, Kay, Grant, Clif and others.

    Bob Cesca’s blog is excellent too, Ezra Klein’s, Booman, Digby. I go to TPM now for news instead of Huff. I need to find some new ones too.

    Huffington Post used to be my home page, believe it or not. But I got sick of clicking on headlines that were very misleading as to what was actually in the story. They must get some money for clicks, otherwise why would the mislead me into clicking on it. And of course the big reason was the tilt to the right that is happening. I started commenting on some posts and challenging them and I got banned pretty quickly when I commented on one of Arianna’s and called her out on some crap. That’s when I started this blog.

  3. Robert, we don’t go over to FDL anymore either! Jane LIEberman and her Brownshirts have ruined it with their Obama Derangement Syndrome. Some days it’s hard to know if you’re on FDL or RedState!

  4. Yes, but it’s not that funny, is it? The abuse of the filibuster by the Repugs is crazy, I was taught that our government was majority rule, the filibuster used to be rare because people had to actually take a stand, tell why they feel so strongly about something, pee their pants, their mouths would go dry, voices would crack, it was a bitch to filibuster. Shit, now Joe Lieberdick just shakes his head side to side and the government bows at his feet.

  5. I read a hit piece on Arianna at the New Republic, I think it was, and it was pretty well researched and sourced. I think both Arianna and Jane are opportunistic, they have some pretty good gigs going with their non profits, PACs, petition drives, fundraising, all sorts of offshoots….they have little empires that they are building.

  6. I discovered your site while visiting Bob Cesca’s. Very good entry on Ariana Huffington. I have enjoyed reading your site. I write for a site called WeeSeeYou. I just wrote a post about the some of these so-called Progressive bloggers and their criticizing of the President.

    And Balloon Juice is pretty good as well.

  7. Arianna was married to Michael Huffington, the son of a Texas oil billionaire, who was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1992 using mostly his own millions for his campaign. In 1994, Michael and Arianna hired GOP political strategist Ed Rollins to run Michael’s campaign for the U.S. Senate, challenging Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

    But after eleven years of marriage, Arianna divorced him in 1998 as rumors had been circulating for some time about boyfriends. Extremely wealthy Michael Huffington claims she knew of his interest in men before their marriage, saying, “in my Houston town house I sat down with her and told her that I had dated women and men so that she would be aware of it.”

    After the divorce, the former Mrs. Huffington went to work for Republican Newt Gingrich, and wrote a conservative newspaper column that was syndicated, but with minimal success. Readers and editors were perplexed when, instead of being utterly predictable in her views, Huffington’s columns began inching bit-by-bit to the left as she reinvented herself as a liberal columnist. However not so liberal as to not run for Governor of California in 2003 in the REPUBLICAN primary while her EX supported Arnold Schwarzenegger and she was soundly defeated. Supposedly she now describes herself as an independent, unaligned with either party.

    Wasn’t it “independents” who put Scott Brown into office? Can a tigress really change her stripes?

  8. Isn’t that crazy Grant, it’s like she’s playing the progressives but maybe now she feels she’s established enough that she can return to her conservative roots. I was checking out the religion she is attached to. Here is a link to there website.

  9. I thought I recognized your name over at that site long time ago. It used to be a fairly good site, but now it’s off it’s rocker. Intolerant is what I would say.

  10. Uhhmmm… I hate to break this to you, but all the REAL progressives weren’t tripping their asses off so badly on Barack Obama’s Kool-Aid that they dropped everything to help elect a lightweight Clintonoid corporate centrist to the White House.

    All the REAL progressives were not engaging in blind, mindless idol worship of a candidate who pledged continued support of Israeli genocide in Gaza (remember his AIPAC speech?) and an escalation of the US war in Afghanistan.

    All the REAL progressives who bothered to vote in ’08 voted their consciences by either voting for Ralph Nader or staying home, and not allowing themselves to be motivated by fear and desperation, and allowing themselves to be played for suckers by the first slick-talking huckster they see who knows how to speak in complete sentences and knows how to pronounce the word “nuclear”.

    All the REAL progressives are living their lives wide awake with their eyes wide open, and are fed up with being punked by the Democratic Party.

    See also:

  11. Mike – You want the “Real Progressive” label, you can have it. I’m a liberal, been one for a long damn time. And really, if you are calling all the people who voted for President Obama mindless, Kool-aid drinking, idol worshipping….blah blah, you’re talking a lot of people, enough to elect him president. As I recall, those were the Repugs talking points during the campaign, you sided with them, huh?

    If you are so enlightened, then why would you make such incendiary generalizations about millions of people? You are a small minority, the angry crowd. If you Nadar folks think you have the answers, then you should elect candidates, change things. But that’s way too much effort, it’s so much easier just bitching about the two parties.

    There are assholes in both parties, many, many more in the Republican Party, but that doesn’t mean the entire party is bad. I bet if you formed a 3rd party it would have assholes in it too. There are a lot of them…all over the place.

    I did my research on Barack Obama by reading his books and the stuff that was online….whatever. I liked the way he thought about things, I found myself agreeing with almost all the things he said in his books. And the books were written before he ever thought about running for president, well at least the first book anyway. Now I’m sure you didn’t read them, right?

    I gave up on living in a Utopian America long ago, you go for the best you can get and democrats are way better than republicans. End of story.

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