Republicans, The Adolescent Party!

This clip shows the mentality of the Grand Old Party, like when I was 8 years old and saying the opposite of everything my older brother said. It was a fun game for me because it drove my brother nuts. I don’t think that grown women and men really should be playing this game with the future of our country, no matter how much fun the adolescent Republicans are having. After all, only adults can vote.


5 thoughts on “Republicans, The Adolescent Party!

  1. The teabaggers do apparently. Did you see the results of the Daily Kos poll, what Republicans believe and think about all sorts of issues? It’s no wonder our country is so screwed up. I may post about that poll later, but it’s getting a lot of coverage everywhere else, I may just put up links to the best of those.

  2. Whether people take her serious or not, what is in the clip is true. She often goes off on tangents that I don’t agree with, but I think she presents facts, I just don’t always agree with her interpretation or analysis of those facts.

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