Republican’s Are Idiots!

Photo borrowed from KayinMaine at WhiteNoiseInsanity

The media has been telling us how the Republic Party is in such great shape going into the midterm elections, making wild predictions about taking over the House of Representatives and narrowing the gap in the Senate. I haven’t bought into this meme for many reasons.

The 4 “phone repair” guys who were messing around with the phones at Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in New Orleans are now the victims, somehow they were trapped into putting on uniforms, wearing a bug and converging on the senator’s office. KayinMaine has more on the denials of any connection to the culprits.

Seniors take note, Republicans want to mess with your social security again. They want to privatize it for you, put it in the hands of those Wall Street guys who’ve done so well handling your pensions and 401K’s. They want to cut your benefits, because your doing so well right now, right?

Republicans are gearing up to fight financial reform, really. Frank Luntz is giving them their talking points and apparently the Repugs think it’s a winning issue for them. We’ll see, won’t we?