Wow, We Have A President That Is Confident Enough To Change Plans, Amazing!

If you haven’t heard, the Obama administration has decided to move the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed out of New York. I’m sure many will say President Obama caved to pressure to not try KSM in New York, but I see it as a president who listens to people and is confident enough to change plans when presented with facts and logic.  Coming off of yesterday’s Q & A with the Republicans, I’m feeling pretty good about my president, but I’ve never really turned on him or doubted his capacity and drive to get things done.

He’s been in office for just a year, and he’s really done incredible things for our country both domestically and in foreign policy. In a couple of years, both those disastrous wars will be wound done and I’ll feel even better about him. It’s quite amazing how impatient many on the left are, if we were to make a list of all the things some on the left believe should have been done in the first year, it would be quite a list.

Every special interests believes there cause is the most important one and often act like whining, crying children because their project is more important than, oh, health care, the economy, jobs, the environment, corruption in government and cleaning up all the Bush/Cheney messes. Many of these people on the left have deep seated hatred for Obama after a long, bloody primary where Hillary clearly went over the top with attacks on her fellow democrat and did a huge disservice to the progressive movement. Those effects are still lingering and I believe is the motivation behind many of the presidents fiercest critics on the left. Bitterness is so unbecoming. :)