Chris Matthews Knocks Out Howard Dean Over Massachusetts Spin!

If you haven’t seen this, you must! The good stuff starts around 4 minutes, but the whole thing is worth watching. I have mixed feelings about Chris Matthews in general, but Chris was on fire last night and is for now, my hero. He took on the Dean, Hamsher, Uygur and Marsh crowd and smacked them to the ground. It’s my favorite clip of the year. Here is a portion from Extreme Liberal’s Rush Transcript….

Howard Dean (HD): …Of the Obama voters who either stayed home or voted for Scott Brown, they overwhelmingly wanted to do more on health care, not less.

Chris Matthews (CM): So they were more progressive than the democrat?

HD: That’s correct!

CM: So on all the issues raised in the campaign, debt, taxes, arrogance of power in the Democratic Party in Mass….all those issues, where were the voters?

HD: The voters were upset. They were upset by Washington as usual, dealing with special interests, writing a bill that was great for the insurance industry, not doing much about the bankers.

CM: That’s your position!

HD: That’s not my position, that’s the voters of Massachusetts.

CM: You just said the voters of Massachusetts agree with you but they voted Republican, that makes no sense.

HD: It does make sense.

CM: If you were in the voting booth, would you have voted for Scott Brown? Would you have done this?

HD: Of course not!

CM: Well, well, oh but you rationally would not have voted for the conservative Republican because he’s against health care, but you say the voters are irrational, they somehow send smoke signals in their voting. They vote for the conservative Republican who’s totally against health care reform to tell the country they want a progressive health care program. THAT’S CRAZY!

HD: We know what they did.

CM: Are voters crazy?

HD: Chris, Chris

CM: Are voters crazy?

HD: There’s only one crazy person around here and I may hold up a mirror and you may see him in a minute here…

CM: You mean the voters vote right wing Republican to express progressive values?

Un-fucking-believable. That has to be one of the best take downs of a crooked spin job I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I love about Howard Dean but his tactics here are just plain stupid. His crooked spin to reinforce his crazy notion was ripped apart at the seams. Many kudos to Chris Matthews for standing up to this crap.


10 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Knocks Out Howard Dean Over Massachusetts Spin!

  1. Are you sure you’re a liberal? Either way, you are exactly right, and so is Chris’ Matthews. Dean’s reasoning was nonsensical.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jacelya. Sometimes I’m not sure what a liberal is, to be honest. I’ve proudly called myself a liberal since 1972 when I worked on George McGovern’s campaign for president…I was 10 years old. I haven’t always been happy with the Democratic Party, but they represent my liberal ideas way better than any other party. I didn’t support Clinton’s welfare reform crap, but I didn’t abandon him because of it. I don’t like all the compromising President Obama has been doing, but I still support him whole heartedly.

  3. McGovern was a good democrat. I like Democratic Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell. New York congressman Anthony Weiner is pretty annoying, but refreshingly assertive and honest; and I like what I’ve seen out of Evan Bayh and Elijah Cummings. Dennis Kucinich (tells it like he sees it, though some of his ideas are pretty loony for me). Maybe Michael Dukakis. And Edward Kennedy – whatever he was – knew how to treat his constituents well. They loved him. JFK is the kind of Democrat you don’t see today…. Anyhoo, thanks for the welcome. Love him or hate him (I usually love him, because one can’t help but be entertained by his old school directness and lack of mental filter. Also, he seems pretty nice), Chris Matthews always makes for great video and good television. Best, Jay.

  4. Yeah, Ed, have you noticed that not many people posted that clip today, at least I haven’t seen it in my surfing around. But I don’t go to many conservative sites, I’ve been stopping by yours though.

  5. I really like Alan Grayson, talk about refreshingly honest. :) I often have to turn off Chris Matthews when he doesn’t let someone talk. That gets a little annoying. But I’ve seen him stand up for democratic principals like the best of them. He gets off on tangents though. Peace,

  6. If the Democrats are so bad then why are the right wingers using John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King as their idols today for their revolution? Bah hahahahaha!

    Howard Dean being wrong or confusing once doesn’t mean he’s finished. LOL Though I’m sure just like Alan Grayson, the right wing of this country would love to shut Howard Dean up once and for all! Why would they want this? Because these two men when they talk are holding a mirror up to the right wing of this country and the right wingers don’t like what they see. This is why the right wing continues to blame Clinton & Obama for George Bush’s 8 years because they know George Bush truly is to blame and by blaming Georgie they’re having to blame themselves for applauding and supporting this man’s atrocious foreign/domestic/financial policies!

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